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March 2008
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Little Red Karavette

Oh yeah, you know what that title means!!! It’s Karazhan night! Well, last night was.. Tonight too, but I have a little trouble writing about post about what is GOING to happen tonight.. Well, I could try, but I might be pretty wrong.. I’m not psychic, just psychotic.

Our normal RL was having some addon tribulations so Pil took over the spot for the night. GO PIL!!! He did an awesome job by the way… We powered through Attumen and Moroes and then made our way up to the Opera Event. We got one we haven’t had for a while, Big Bad Wolf.

I SOOOOO suck at running away. On our first try (yes, we wiped, get over it) Pil and Fhuun didn’t get LRR at all.. We were the last 2 standing.. Hmm.. Guess it was the healers fault. We ran back in (no lock, no SS) and tried again.. Both priests got the LRR this time, but the DPS was soooo freaking awesome, they got him down just after Pil went down. What drops? Red Riding Hood’s Cloak… WOOT! Pil doesn’t want it, but the other healer, a Paladin is interested.. I roll… UGH! A 14!!!! I am SOOO gonna lose this.. She rolls a… 1! YAY! Hmm. Maybe I should have just let her have it. Ah well.. I’m sure the prince will drop his, and if he does, I’ll give it up. 😀

WoWScrnShot_032708_000627 Where to next? The Curator of course. We had to do a little swapping about (Hunter trades for his SP for mana-regen) and picked up another Hunter to replace the Paladin that had to go (Oh noes! No Salv!). No major issues with the trash on the way up (other than aggro stuff since no salv…). Pil and I were the only healers left, but the group did a wonderful job burning him (and the adds) down quick. We got him to 15% at the second Evocation, and wiped him out after that.

It was after midnight (my time) by the time we were done with him, but the decision was made to go hit up the Maiden. We had no paladin for Blessing of Sacrifice on the tank, so we used a tactic that Pil learned about having the tank move her around during the Repentance. That wakes you up and you can continue to heal again 🙂 The main tank went down, but our super-duper tanking rogue took over and held her for the 14 seconds left until she was dead. Hey! The Bands of Indwelling dropped.. Nobody wants em but me? Ok, why not!

Maiden_032708_002751 Was time to call it a night after that. I got the bracers enchanted for +healing (still need to get the cloak enchanted) and logged out.

Tonight is the second half o’ Kara. I am not sure how much I will be posting after tomorrow for about a week. I will be somewhat incommunicado for portions of it and not really playing WoW anyway. So, you will have to do without my sharp wit for a little while. Don’t desert me though! I’ll be back a week from Monday with all new punny titles and tales of daring doodoo (:P)…


WHOA! ANOTHER BIRTHDAY! Big birthday shout-out to Softi of Softthistle’s Spot.

Go wish her a happy one!

Later all!