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March 2008
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Totally Trippin’ Terrace Tribulations

I would imagine that, like me, one of the first things you did yesterday was… DOWNLOAD NEW ADDONS! Yep.. I spent about an hour trying to update some of my addons. The ACE ones updated with the WoWAceUpdater pretty easily and without any timeouts, etc. Curse, on the other hand was having major issues. The only addon I think I couldn’t get updated was QuestHelper.. BAH… Not a huge deal though.

Of course the second thing I did was head over to the new content. I picked up the quest in the center of Shattrath (didn’t know about the one on the Tiers..) and ported to IF. Then I hopped on a bird bound for the Isle of Quel’Danas. Trae and Kezz met up with Fhuun there and we took out a couple of the Dailies before I had to leave for Dinner (bah.. this eating thing is getting in the way again).

MT_032508_212037 Coming back on later, we got a group together to go take a stab at the Magisters’ Terrace (MrT) instance. The quest line for that takes you through it in normal mode. Once you finish that (kill Kael’thas), you can then run it in Heroic. We haven’t tried that yet… 🙂

We entered the instance not really having read any information about it (NOOBS!) but we were a pretty good group. We had Trae (Pally Tank), Kezz (Fire Mage), Me (Healy Priestie), a Hunter and a Warlock. We had a few issues to begin with by accidentally pulling one of the groups near the front after we had killed the other one. These guys hit pretty hard on Trae so in general I was pressed to keep up with healing him. Having the extra DPS was nice for getting them down quickly, but it put a lot of pressure on the “sole” healer… (And who would that be???)..

Fireheart_032508_215541 First boss room. We LOS pull the two groups on the sides (works great) and then Trae runs in to kill the 2 guys in the middle.. OOPS…. Shield Wall comes up keeping the rest of us from participating.. “RUN OUT.. RUN OUT!!!” .. Oh well.. Trae is down. We come back in after the boss (Selin Fireheart) resets and we pull those 2 guys OUT of the room instead of running in.. Then Trae runs in and we start on Fireheart. He does this annoying AOE blast after he fills himself up from the crystals. The fight is very much like the final boss in Steamvaults. You gotta kill the crystals once he starts drawing energy from them. Luckily, being a priest, I have an AOE Heal 🙂 YAY.. We got him down after the second crystal (go DPS). Drop was Leggings of the Betrayed. Hunter picked em up.

VexDead_032508_220811 More trash. More trash. Moving on we found ourselves in a big room with Vexallus. The little mana dudes you kill before him are pretty awesome.. When you kill one you get a buff and some mana back! It was pretty cool.. Having the Pally Tank also made taking them down a piece of cake. Vexallus was pretty easy actually. We did lose our Hunter since he was the one taking the adds. This fight is very much like the Curator fight in Kara. But after you kill one of the adds, you get a debuff.. Bah… Anyway. We killed him pretty quick too (go DPS again!!!). Band of Arcane Alacrity dropped and the Lock picked it up.

After that was a cool Cut-Scene (included for you perusal) of the 25man raid… Pretty awesome..

mT_032508_222718 Next up was some “bigger” trash. Mechanicals that pack a wallop. Not too tough to take down though. Some of the groups in the chamber with the little “Planet Fountain” (i dunno.. you name it) gave us some trouble, but I think it was an LOS issue for my healing.. Bah!

Next boss is Priestess Delrissa and her cohorts. We got Warlord Salaris, Ellris Duskhallow, Kagani Nightstrike and Garaxxas. Took us a few wipes to really figure things out. The first time, somehow the adds reset and Trae and I killed the boss.. But then no loot.. So we had to run out and it reset and then try again. We had the CC to handle this, (It is just like the Moroes fight in some ways) but it took a while to figure it out and they kept breaking the CC. On the final try, I died, but they had 2 left and were able to take them down without needing heals (I put HoTs on them while I was in “angel” form). Gauntlets of the Tranquil Waves dropped (SHAMAN GEAR!) and I won the roll for them and vendored them at the Repair Bot that the lock dropped for me (I was at 24%!!!)

Kael_032508_234315 We didn’t have any more issues with the trash, since there was very little leading up to the final boss, Kael’thas Sunstrider. The final fight is pretty interesting. He spawns a Phoenix to attack you and you have to move him away or he can cause an AOE. Then when he dies (the phoenix) he leaves an egg you need to kill or it will spawn a new Phoenix. At 50% he enters a second phase with a Gravity Lapse. You get thrown up in the air and tick 350 dmg on all. There are also these little balls you have to avoid or they do 2000 dmg. Having my AoE heal, I spammed that while in the air. I ran out of mana, popped a potion and when we were thrown up again (there is a bit of a respite between them), I did a couple heals and then we downed him.. (WOOT!)..

Phoenix_032508_234548 I don’t remember all the drops from him, but I did get the Cord of Reconstruction which, while not better than the Epic I have, has some gemmability that might let me use it for specific purposes (like getting more stamina for Shade or somesuch).. I don’t remember the epic he dropped (Trae, help me here…) but.. but… but!!!! He dropped Phoenix Hatchling .. AND I WON IT ! Woot.. he is soooo cool. hehe.. Ah well..

After killing Kael, you can port (via an orb behind him) back to the quest givers in the Isle. For finishing the quest, you get your choice of 3 gems (nice ones) and the ability to do the instance in heroic mode. Maybe we’ll try that some other night! All in all, I was pretty impressed with the instance. It was fun and decently challenging for our Kara geared (mostly) group. I definitely recommend it. (2 Thumbs Up!)

Not sure what is going on tonight, but I’ll probably run over and get the dailies done over there.. It was VERY crowded though (of course)… Might not bother just yet.. We’ll see. This has been a long post.. I’m done.. Peace!

EDIT: Forgot to say that Mythos’ vent server was giving me troubles on the last boss!! I was getting monster pings and eveything was delayed and I couldn’t hear anyone talking.. Made it a might bit more challenging! 🙂