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March 2008
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I’ll Zag, You Ziggurat

Yes… Another post.. This is the Real one… hehe.. Not that 2.4 isn’t very exciting.. I’m SOOOOO looking forward to all my addons breaking.. I can’t hardly wait. Since I didn’t ask in the last post about 2.4, I’ll ask here… What are you guys most looking forward to in the 2.4 patch? Is it the new Dailies? Is it the new 5 man? 25 man? New Sunwell Lootz (dey be phat)? General improvements like some AOEs not breaking CC? Lemmie know!!

Back to the normal stuff… Was a pretty quiet night in the game last night. Most of the guild were getting in their Arena matches for the week.. I did break the news to a few that I am going to have to switch our Zul’Aman run to Monday nights.. So, I guess they will have to work on those Arena matches a little earlier in the “WoW Week” (which starts on Tuesdays in US)…

Baron_032408_224533 What I DID do is join Trae and Kezz (In Hunter Arienna form) as Fyra in a little Stratholme action. Fyra still had ALL the Strat quests to do and at 61 still gets a lot of XP from them (and even some from killin stuffs). Upgraded a few things for my kitty form too! Woot! Things generally went smoothly. Of course, even with 2 70’s and a 61 it still takes quite a while to run around through this place. Bosses were still pretty easy though.. Although there was the one that mind controls you.. Well, instead of just getting my health pretty far down… Trae killed me!!! BAH! At least he could rez.. 😛

No mount from Baron. The nerve!!! But all is well.. I finished a ton of quests and while Fyra was about 1% on the way to 62 when we started, she is now over 25%. I also got to Honored w/ Argent Dawn. I was also reminded by Trae that I had teh sloooooo mount.. FINE… So I went and plunked down a boatload of clink to pickup my riding skill and a super fast Misty Cat.. 🙂 Yay for me.

Is time for me to go.. Good luck on the Maint Day Blues. Tonight might have to be a Magister’s Terrace run… I have a duty to my readers to be on the cutting edge.. Explore new worlds and new civilizations…. uhh…. Yeah.. 🙂

happybirthday Ooohh.. BTW… It is Breana of the Gun Loving Dwarf Chick blog’s birthday… Go send her a happy birthday email! (link is on her blog…) Hehe.. Tell her Fim made you do it… 😀