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March 2008
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17 is the New 33

Welcome back! I hope you have had time to go ahead and vote on the poll this week! I actually didn’t play ALL that much this past weekend. We had company in town and I didn’t get to login on Sat or Sun until very late.


Friday was Gruul’s day. We actually started relatively “on-time”. Most everyone was already at the stone and ready to go in by the time 6pm server rolled around. Kezz was having a little issue though. She had just gotten a new computer and they were still installing WoW on it (patches, etc). This meant we were down our Stamina Mage for Krosh. We tried 24 manning it with a different mage tanking him, but we died both times we tried that. Once we got Kezz in though, the High King went down easy. I think we are really getting the hang of that fight.

Gruuls1_032108_223051 For the High King fight, I had brought in Fhuun to help with the healing (since it gets split up so much). I also was in for healing a few rounds with Gruul, but the RL felt we were lacking DPS so Trae switched to Pil (Prot Pally to Disc Priest) and I switched out to Fimlys, whom I had parked right outside. We still didn’t get him down, but we did get him down to 17%!! Our previous best was 33%, so that is progress made. The screenshot I have says 18%, but we did get him all the way down to 17. We tried through one set of trash respawns and then called it a night. I think given a little more dps, we should be able to get it done pretty easily.



FelReaver_032308_001234 On Saturday I didn’t get to login until pretty late. A few of my fellow guildies were asked back into TK with the same guild as last week. If I had been on… Ah well.. 🙂 They were just finishing up wiping on Solarian for the last time and I get the request from Kezz to go run Heroic Mech for some rep. I was on Fyra at the time grinding my way up to 61, so I switched over to Fhuun. “Oh, by the way, you will be the only healer, ok?”… Uh.. Ok.. It IS heroic, right? I’ll do what I can. Fhuun was still sitting inside Gruul’s Lair from the night before (lol), so I hopped on a bird and was at the stone pretty quick. Of course, they were already mostly there since they were just in TK.

I think I did pretty good since we had no “complete” wipes.. I died once on the trash just before the final boss, but I ran back in and everyone else had survived. We had Trae (Pally Tank), Arienna (Kezz’s Hunter), 2 mages and Fhuun healing. We took out the First sub-boss on the left hand side.. Then pulled the first boss back to the stairway on that side. Then we took down the second “sub-boss” and moved up the elevator. We skipped the second boss and barreled through the gauntlet. Final boss is SOOOO easy with a good Pally Tank to keep the adds in check. He went down pretty easy and we rolled up our phat lootz.. I don’t really remember what they were… There was a Primal Nether though!! (oh yeah… 😛 )

Mech1_032308_010336 We moved back in to the Second Boss room and gave her a shot. First time, she picked off our 2 mages pretty quickly and then the Hunter and Paladin went down… Run, Fhuun, Run!!!… I ran to the bridge and it reset as she approached. I rezzed everyone and we gave it a second shot. I was targeted less by the elementals on this one, so I could get some healing off much easier and we got her down. WOW! Did I just heal the entire Heroic by myself? Ooooh.. *Ego Boost*.. 😀


Fyra61_032408_012523 Sunday was a more relaxed day. I had a little time during the day to play but still didn’t get on at night until after midnight… (ugh). That afternoon I worked on getting Fyra up to level 61 and I am happy to say she made it! Woo hoo! I’m still working on quests in Hellfire Peninsula but getting close to moving on to Zangarmarsh. In addition, my Jubling finally hatched! Woo hoo.. Happy frog!

Jubling_032408_012457 I also spent a lot of time after that getting Fimlys his Artisan Fishing quest done. I flew out to talk to Nat and since I was only at 221 fishing skill, I had to do some fishing there on his dock until I got to 225. I then picked up the fishing quest and ran around the world getting 4 fish from different areas. Most of the time I got the fish within 5 or 6 casts. The last one in the Swamp of Sorrows, though, took many more than that. I am still really bored by fishing, but I really want to get to the point where I can fish up the fish to make Fishsticks for myself (well, for Fhuun)..


WoWScrnShot_032308_162103 Well, tonight… Monday is an off day for raiding. Unless something comes up, I’m gonna see if I can get a group together to run through Ramparts for Fyra. Maybe we’ll do ramps and then furnace.. 🙂 They should be nice and quick with a party of 70s and Fyra. 😛 I’m still really enjoying the Boomkin spec. It is really fun, although very mana intesive. I still might respec at 70 back to a Bear/Cat Feral build, but we’ll have to see.. We don’t have any Balance druids in the raiding group, so, maybe we need one.. 🙂

That’s it! Go home! 🙂 Nothing to see here… Later all…

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