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March 2008
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World of Whycraft

Soo… I have been thinking about doing a post like this for a while.. I don’t THINK I have done one already (too lazy to check… ). I want to let you, my faithful readers (all 2 or 3 of you), know “Why I WoW” (Imagine that being said in a snarky announcers voice on a late night talk show…. got it?)..

Why I WoW..

So people have asked me, “Why World of Warcraft, Fim?” (Who? People.. You know.. People..) Who am I to deny them their answers! Still the question remains “Why so MUCH WoW, Fim?”.. Ahh.. Harder to answer.. I’ll try to cover these and more… Right here!

1) Why World of Warcraft?

WoWScrnShot_031708_225338 Well, for this.. We need history. I have been gaming forever.. I wrote the very first game.. Oh wait.. That’s Barry… 😛 (ugh.. bad bad..) Well, I feel like I have been gaming forever. And I have been into Role Playing Games from the beginning. I think Ultima III was my first. I played on my friends Atari 400. It was just awesome. I eventually went back and played I and II when they were re-released for PC at some point. But I kept on with the Ultimas and also played the Wizardry’s and so on (Bards Tale, Gold Box series). I was an RPG junkie..

I enjoyed many other games in my time also. Among them Warcraft (definitely NOT an RPG), Diablo, Starcraft, etc.. 🙂 I also love me some Final Fantasy. Yes, I got into the Japanese RPG genre when many others did with FFVII, but I quicky went back and checked out the older releases and all since. Just so happens that FFXI was my first MMORPG.

Floatin_031608_180727 Oh, FFXI. How I loved you. How I HATED you. So much to enjoy, so much to annoy. I loved the way they immersed you in the game world. The story was pretty interesting (very Final Fantasy…). I liked the job system and being able to switch jobs and multi-class (woot!). I hated the grouping system and other annoyances like fishing and just getting around the world (long runs around ftl…. 🙁 )..

When the WoW Beta was announced, I jumped at the chance. I got in on the tail end of the betas and really enjoyed the bit of time I played there. I decided to switch! Bbye FFXI, hello WoW. So, this is where it begins.. Look at all those words already! Whoa.

Back to the real question…. Well, when I played FFXI, I did so as if it were a single player RPG pretty much.. The required grouping caused me lots of problems because of that. When I started WoW, I did the same. I even joined a guild for people who didn’t want to be in a guild, The Dispossesed. I made a few friends in the guild and when it disbanded because the GL stopped playing, I was asked to join a new guild one of the old guildies setup Mythos (which I am still in today).

WatchTheShow_031608_165604 I still continued my soloing ways while in Mythos. I saw many new people joining the guild since the GL was looking to get it built up to 40 man raiding-able. I didn’t participate in this and I wasn’t even level 60 yet when I decided that other pursuits needed more of my time and I took a “hiatus” from WoW. I continued to pay my fees and would log in here and there to mess around, but it took TBC to really get me hooked again.

In reality it wasn’t TBC that hooked me. It was making new friends in the guild. These were people who knew each other pretty well. That had stories of running MC and Ony and such and all the great times they had. I had none of these but they drew me in and made me one of their own. This guild I had been part of for a very long time had become much more than it had been to me. I can no longer think of playing wow without the green guild chat.

I think that if I hadn’t found these friends, I would not still be playing. I think I would have gone off to do other things.. The progression doesn’t really matter too much to me, other than seeing new things. The lootz (while they are Phat…) don’t mean so much other than helping to get to see those new things and helping everyone else out..

Why do I play WoW? Because it is where I “see” my friends. Why do I blog about WoW? I think for the same reason some people keep a diary. I can process the things that went on. Contrary to the diary idea, I enjoy sharing my experiences with others. Hopefully other find them interesting, but I really am doing this for me.

2 [but related]) Why so MUCH WoW?

I don’t think I am “addicted” to WoW, per se, as much as I am addicted to the social aspects of WoW. I want to be there with everyone when new things are done. New places explored, etc.

I log in so I can say “HI” to everyone. I can chat with everyone. I have a common ground, a common goal with everyone. I don’t tend to PUG because the whole idea, for me, is to go do things with my friends.

I hope that answers those questions. It was somewhat of a long winded answer, but I had to get there from the beginning (… there was darkness …). Why do you WoW? Let me know! If you are a blogger and have posted an answer already, link it in the comments please.. I’d like to know.. 🙂 If you haven’t, think about it. See what keeps you here, in the rat race of WoW.. Can’t ALL be about the Lootz… Can it?