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March 2008
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Hey there Malchezaar

Ooooh, it’s what you do to meeee… Ooooh, it’s what you do to meee… Oh.. Hey there.. It’s that time again? Time for me to speak loudly into the ether and state my intentions for the world! Nah.. just time to write the post.. Ah well.. 🙂

Second half of Kara! Woot.. There is loot to be had in these (not so) hallowed halls. Epic Lootz they say! I was late tho. I almost missed it! Stupid.. Slow… Restaurant… Well, made it in time anyway..

We did a bit of house cleaning last night in the place.. Just enough to move on straight to the Shade of Aran. Not particularly fond of him, am I. First attempt there was some issue about the Elementals appearing just as he Flame Wreathed us.. BAH… Ded.. Run back. We had a score to settle, and settle it we did.. Oh yes we did.. (still have that song running thru my head.. oooh, it’s what you do to meee…. sorry..).. Shade go down! Woot! I don’t think I got anything.. My big Lootz are still to come! (foreshadowing.. oooh.)

WoWScrnShot_032108_001623 Next we sauntered up to the Chess Event. Easy loots.. The priesty helm dropped, but I already had T4 so, no need. We then went to give Netherspite a try. Took him down on the first go.. (Another Woot…).. Ahh… My Precious!!! HAPPY HAPPY Pants dropped… (Uh.. no, not those… sicko..) Pantaloons of Repentance !!! Finally can get rid of these silly mage pants. 🙂 Hoooray.. Now I just needed a few gems. Because of the meta I have, I needed to get 1 Red (or Orange) and 2 Purples. I need more red than blue, so 2 purp is 2 blue and 2 red… + 1 red (or 1 red and 1 yellow for orange) makes more red than blue.. yay.

Onward we marched.. Ever onward.. Up to the ol’ “Hole in the Universe” that leads to Prince Malchezaar. We had a little problem that at 3% (ugh!) he killed our tank.. Oooops. Run back… Try again. Easier this time, infernal dropped in front of us just as he died.. Had to wait for it to despawn before lootin.. Ah well..

WoWScrnShot_032108_001606 Back down to Terestian Illhoof for the “full clear”.. Switched around some folk to bring in Traebear FTW.. Pally Tanks rock the Illhoof… 😛 Brought him low and that was all she wrote.

After getting our port back to Shat, I bullied Kezz into cuttin me some happy gems for my pants.. (hey!! not that way!!! sicko..) And got the shoulders I picked up the other night enchanted at the bank. Woot.. More +healing (hooray). Also finally made Fimlys the Primalstrike Vest! Yay!

I have a movie from yesterday’s Curator I forgot to put up. I’ll put it in this post though. Tonight is Gruul’s. It will be my last for a few weeks. Hopefully we can kill him. Good luck to us. And good luck to you, in whatever you may do.. but this… I can promise you,
That by the time we get through, The world will never ever be the same… And you’re to blame… Ok.. enough enough.. 🙂 Later all..