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March 2008
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HoT Chocolate with Karamel

Spent a little time before RAID time chattin’ with Temerity Jane and many other bloggers (and others) on her trial run of BlogTV. Unfortunately, she didn’t record the 2 hour long “show” because, while ALL entertaining, some parts were just classic! I’ll leave it to other blogs to specify what Exactly the (very) “Private Message” TJ received contained.. Suffice to say she first thought it was a baby’s arm… Whoa!

You still here? Why? Are you following me? !!! Stop following me!! Oh wait.. You want me to talk about what I did last night, right? LOL.. Probably not, but I will anyway!

What day was yesterday? SPEAK UP!!! Oh yeah.. Wednesday.. What do we do every Wednesday? (Pinky and the Brain joke omitted for brevity) … We raid Karazhan. Well, that is what we do now. While I was bringing Fimlys in, I was running every other week to give other hunters are chance at de Fatso Lootz.

Ok.. I have to put enough words into this post to carry the spectaculariffic screenshots I gots to put in here… hmmm…

For most of the night, we had a pretty interesting group:

  • Tanks: Prot Warrior, Arms Warrior (!)
  • Healing: Holy Priest (me), Disc Priest, Holy Pally
  • DPS: 3 Mages, 2 Hunters

So…. Attumen is up first. Nuttin special. No drama. He dies. Woopty Doo… The drops were SOOOO special that I got temporary amnesia and can’t remember what they were. Nor can I really be bothered to figure it out.. 😛 LOL… Ah well.. Not really very exciting anyway. Kara is getting a little boring eh? So… What is next?

Moroes… A little more interesting fight for a Priest. I’m always given one of the adds to keep shackled so I have something to do during the fight… Oh wait.. I’m supposed to be healing, eh? Ah well. Of course, Pil (the other priest) and me were the ones who got the Garrotte and couldn’t remove it.. Bah.. I think we spent more time healing ourselves and each other than we did healing the tanks.. But down he goes. Splish Splash.

Here, we skip the Maiden and move directly on to the Opera Event. This week.. Oz. Again… Ah well. We know this fight well. The Arms Warrior was taking some serious damage from tinhead, but I popped out my shadowfiend and remembered my little Draenei racial +mana/sec thingamabob and had enough mana (with a pot) to make it through the fight. Wanna hear something sad? Beastmaw Pauldrons dropped. Nobody wanted them.. They get sent to the Shard Machine.. Awwww… What else? Legacy also drops! Do the hunters need it? Nooooo… Prot Warrior takes it. Extra fun for the Shade. Ah well, at least it wasn’t a shard!

Were we done? Hell no! We were just gettin’ warmed up! Back we ran to the Maiden. Rip through the trash.. Uh.. Don’t DOT the Shackle!!! LOL… Oh well.. Arrange the healers around her like SO… Arrange everyone else around her like SO. And… KIIIIIILLLLL her.. Woot.. Easy peasy. No fun priestie toys dopped.. Aw sadness….

Ok.. we got all the “main entrance” bosses down.. Are we done for the night? “NO WAY!“, says the peanut gallery. (It’s like a picture gallery, but all the paintings are of peanuts… odd eh? I agree…).. Curator is our next target. “BIG BAD ROBOT MAN!!! WE COME TO SMACK U DOWN!!!!”.. Oh.. Where was I.. Oh yes.. Curator…

So we climb the stair of despair (I dunno, just made that up) and walk thru the trash like it really wasn’t there.. (throw your hands in the air, throw your hands in the air… Woot Woot… oops.. sorry) We swapped out one of the hunters for his Shadow Priest, so we only had 1 to misdirect the groups right before mister boss man. Went a little slow, but no real problems. At this point I am starting to get tired…. Must concentrate on the little bars… Shift-Click.. Ctrl-Click… Alt-Click… Click.. Click.. Click… *snore*…

WHAT? Where do I stand? Oh yeah.. In the middle. Ok.. I’m awake.. Yes, yes.. [Click’s Ready]. Heal heal.. Hey, there are a couple of those sparkly things out. Maybe I’ll see if i can help kill them.. Ooh, that’s fun.. oh wait.. back to healing. Send in the Shadowfiend on the enervate. Got him down pretty nicely, if I do say so myself (which I did). Ooooh… Some priestie love!!! T4 token for Warrior,Priest,Druid. Piladden takes it home for the priest team! (Go pil, go pil, go pil… !!!) [I already have those gloves].. Ooooh.. Pauldrons of the Solace-Giver.. They could replace my Hallowed Pauldrons. Except that they have no gem slots… I’ll take them anyway for now.. Equipping them breaks my Meta… Boooo.. Once I get up higher rep in Aldor, I can put a better enchant on them… Maybe I’ll put them in the bank for later…

Are we done now? Nope… Nightbane has no trash.. Lets go downstairs and see if he wants to come out and play. I always like playing flag football with a huge burning dragon skeleton.. Woot!

So we go make friendly with Nightbane and what does he do? He kills us!! Some massive “Charred Earth” spam and fear take the healers out of LOS from the Tank.. Down the tank goes.. 🙁 Boo.. Fhuun gets DI’ed at least. I rez everyone and we give it another go.. (Awww first wipe of the night.. that sucked). No problems on the second go around. Adds go down just before he lands each time. Misdirects are beautiful.. Cliockwork man, clockwork. Anyway. He is ded. Time to sleep… We done good. We gets a port back to Shat and logout… Nighty-night.

Tonight is the final saga of Kara for the week. Also, I can transmute my final Primal Might for the Primalstrike Vest for Fimlys. Yay! 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with another post! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.. 😛

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