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March 2008
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I Got a Rep to Protect

"You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do." – Henry Ford

Yes, this post is about rep.  The rep grind as it is.  No, I am not going to be delving deep into the heart of something that is quite necessary in TBC to enable you to be successful in the "End Game".  I am going to tell you what I did last night… 🙂 (of course).

Before I get into that, I want to bring to your attention (again) a very cool site that provides a great resource:  http://www.wowreputationcalculator.com/.  Use it!  Love it!  In a nutshell, you put in your character name and realm and it shows you your current rep levels.  You can then drill down and see where you can go to do quests/instances that will raise this rep level to a higher plane!  Pretty awesome, eh?  I have to say that some of the information is not correct (aww).  I know this because I ran Heroic Shattered Halls last night and got MUCH more than the normal Non-Heroic Rep gain (which is what the site says you get)..  But, I still find it useful.

Ok. Back to Tuesday!

Tuesdays (as I have mentioned before and I will mention again, I’m sure) are "off days".  Mythos doesn’t raid on Tuesdays. But Kezz, Traebear and Fhuun pulled together our super-duper Druid healer and ‘da DPS Warrior EXTREME for some "Heroic Instances Gone Wild!" action.  Woooot!

WoWScrnShot_031808_213045 First up? Heroic Shattered Halls! Fhuun needed Revered to get his Healing Helm enchant!  Lets get goin’!  We powered through the instance with a few single deaths and not too much drama.  We’re getting this thing down pretty well now.  This instance (esp. in heroic) used to scare us something fierce!  But no more!  We are smokin’ it now.  I even survived the final boss (I think that is the first time in Heroic for Fhuun to survive the final boss!  Wow!)…  Nothing all that exciting dropped for me, but the Warrior did pick up The Bladefist …  Woot!  It looks pretty funny on him since he is a gnome.. Ah well! 

Next stop in all this? Get my enchant, specifically, Glyph of Renewal.  Pretty snazzy, eh? The warrior needed Revered in Cenarion Expedition.  He was looking for the Glyph of Ferocity.  So, given that the Heroic Daily was Slave Pens, we sauntered over to Coilfang and headed in.

WoWScrnShot_031808_233939 Another pretty uneventful run.  We did have a bit of a bad pull at one point, but we survived and Trae rezzed the ones that dropped (Yay for Pally Tanks).  Bosses went down pretty smooth, although the last one gave us some grief since we had very little Nature Protection and that dude you release from the cage before the boss died from the trash that came.  Actually, he died because someone was mind controlled and I think they smacked him up good.. :P  Again, no loot for me (not that I was looking for anything), but I did pick up another Primal Nether and Revered in CE also!  Also, all the badges from these 2 runs and the Heroic Daily got me back up to 35 badges!

SP_031908_004307Fimlys has been drooling over the Primalstrike Vest for a little while now.  The only "main" armor piece he has that isn’t "Epic" is his chest piece.  The main stumbling block to making this for himself was the number of Primal Mights required.  Fyra can do the transmute, but only 1 per 24 hours.  So.. I tapped the Alchemists in the guild to give up their daily transmute for the "greater good".. I just need 2 more now and the Vest will be mine!!! Muahahahahaha! … Oh.. are you still there?  Sorry…

Annnnyway…  That’s it for this post!  It’s in the can!  It’s done! Finished!  Outta here!  Well, Tonight is Kara, as usual…. See u on the morrow!