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March 2008
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Belting It Out

Was actually a pretty quiet night, last night. I logged out pretty early, so this will probably be a pretty short post.

Before raid time, I logged in with Fyra to get some quests done in Hellfire Peninsula. Mostly out by the Pools of Somethingerother (up north…).  Got Trae to help me kill Arazzius The Cruel and some other boss up there.  After finishing them up, it was time to log over to Fhuun.

Switched over to Fhuun and waited for the RL to login so we could finish up Karazhan.  We still had the Maiden and Illhoof to take down!  Gotta get it done! We started up and went first for the maiden.  We had 4 healers (2 priest, 2 pally) for the fight and it went smooth as butter.

MaidenHall_031708_213147 On we went to Illhoof.  The fight was explained to those who hadn’t been there yet (and Pil switched to Trae).  Having a Paladin Tank for this fight is just pure gold. We had no issues at all (seems like a theme, eh?) and soon finished him up. Tonight was my lucky night!  Cincture of Will drops!  Woot!  Time to replace that greenie belt.

I then sat around for a while doing nothing (fun fun).  There was talk about doing a Heroic Shattered Halls run (which I sorely need) but everyone was sitting around waiting to do their Arena runs for the week.  I was pretty tired (this cold is catching up to me) and so called it a night around 11pm (my time). 

Arazzius_031708_202921 Tonight is an off night.  Hopefully tonight we will be able to run the Heroic SH.  Fhuun needs less than 3000 rep to get to Revered and get the Head enchant. Otherwise, Fyra is still on tap to go into Ramps which would be nice for her rep gain and quest completion.  I’d like to get her running through the instance for rep before getting too much from the quests.. (probably too late at this point).. Bah..  Oh well..  That’s all!  Talk to you tomorrow!

Oh.. Any suggestions for a new Poll?  We still have only 20 responses, but I want to get the next one ready when I fell we’re done with this one.  Let me know in comments ! :D  Thanks.

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