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March 2008
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I Have No Mana, and I Must Heal

Whoo.. And welcome to the really really big shoe!!.. Uh, I mean weekend. Sorry the post was so late.. RL Job delays 🙂

I suppose we can go night by night, as usual. We start with Friday!

And.. It was a Gruul-ing Friday, again. I started out with Fhuun healing it up and we got the High King down. We then did a couple of tries on Gruul. It seemed that we were lacking in DPS, but we were figuring out the shatters at least. Since we were DPS limited (we think), I switched over to Fimlys to try to help out. We got him down decently far, but no luck on the kill. Ah well, maybe this week!

Boom_031508_095550 Saturday was a pretty full day. I spent time on respeccing Fyra. She is now a certified (can you get certified? Maybe she is just certifiable.. hmmm) BOOOOMKIN! Woot! Dance video below…

Later that night, a few other guildies and I were offered spots in a former guildmate’s guild run of TK. Nah.. I’d prefer not to go somewhere I’ve never been and try out cool new stuff and such.. I don’t need any possible cool gear/pattern drops.. No thanks…. !!!! WHAT!!! Of course I went! DUH…

Alar_031508_211106 We had a good time. It was odd listening to all those new people on vent.. I was very quiet for a change (you would understand if you knew me.. 😀 ). People in the guild got a few things, but we failed to get the Void Reaver down before respawns and it was pretty late by that point (generally speaking) so it was called. We had some issues with a few of the trash pulls and I (and most everyone else) went down frequently.. But, I think we all (our guild people anyway) had a lot of fun.

FyraMold_031608_021040 After the TK run, we got a group together to help Fyra and another druid get through with all the quests we had left in BRD. We also got the jailbreak quest done and killed the Emperor so I could get a nice ring. 😀

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Another busy day. In the afternoon I joined up with a group going to UBRS. Both Fyra and Fhuun needed to go there for the Ony attunement (and BWL), but they needed a healer, so Fhuun was the sole healer in the run.. Woot! 🙂 We did okay. A few wipes due to some bad pulls, but otherwise was a lot of fun (well, only 1 Fhuun).

Later on was my Z’A run. We put together our little group and off we went:

  • Tanks: Warrior, Paladin (Trae)
  • Healers: Priest, Druid, Shaman
  • DPS: 2 Hunters (me + 1), 2 Shadow Priests (ftw), 1 Mage

The setup seems odd, but having the 2 mana batteries was pretty awesome. We put one in each group and had very little issue with OOM. Having the shaman also helped. Had all the healers in a group with the Warrior and one of the Shadow Priests. Awesomesauce!

We tried for the timer on the first boss, but pulled the boss a little prematurely (lack of mana on the healers) and went down. 2nd try wasn’t much better. 3rd try… Down he went!

Jan'Alai_031608_225346 Moving on to the Eagle boss, we cleared the gauntlet pretty well but wiped on our first attempt due to me blathering about whether the healers were in range and forgetting to tell everyone to move in for the “storm”… (oops).. Second try went much better and he took a dirt nap! Wowzers!

Since we had picked off the first 2 bosses so quickly, we had a vote on Lynx or Dragonhawk boss. The vote was for Dragonhawk.. Not that they knew what they were getting themselves in for on the path to the boss.. We wiped and wiped and wiped and wiped on the first pull. Eventually one of the shadow priests suggested mind controlling one of the fire guys and that worked. We got pretty good at stopping the scouts and picking off the guards if they did get to the drums. Much better pretty much all the way through up to the boss. Had to describe the fight and it took a few times for everyone to get famliar with all the quirks. On the fifth (5th) try, we got him down to 50%. It was getting late at that point, and I called the raid. Hopefully we’ll do better next week!

Tonight is finishing up Kara I believe. We have Illhoof and Maiden still left to do. After that? Who knows. Fyra is up to level 60 now and I’d like to really start pushing to move her up.. Also need to go back to leveling fishing with Fimlys! Well, have a good one..

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Later all!