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March 2008
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I Think I’m Karanoid

Three bosses entered (and a chess game), none leave. We are talking about Karazhan, night 2! We had a pretty odd group for this half of the run. 2 Warriors, 2 Rogues, 2 Hunters, 1 Shaman (Healing), 1 Holy Priest (me), 1 Shadow Priest, and 1 Mage. So, no Paladin with Salv, no Druid with GotW.. 🙁

Since my time raiding (and even running instances) with my priest, I have noticed one thing. I seem to like Renew. Looking at the stats on SWStats, my healing through Renew is more than any other of my spells. I also learned that for short fights without salv (where mana isn’t an issue, but threat is), I should use Binding Heal (this I learned last night) to limit the threat I am picking up.

We had few issues running up to the Shade. We lost the Shaman early, but he self-rezzed. Then I got bowled over but they made it through and got him down. The Tirisfal Wand of Ascendancy dropped and since nobody had any use for it, I was offered it for a DPS/Soloing Wand. “Thank you very much”, said I. We have this thing in our raids that even if you are the only one who wants or is being offered the item, you still need to roll. I did.. Rolled 100.. Way to waste a good roll. 😛 Also Formula: Enchant Weapon – Sunfire dropped and one of the 2 enchanters in the group got it. Hmm.. have to remember that.. 🙂

FhuunCasting_031308_211755 What is next? You guessed it! We cleared up to the Chess Event. Easy as pie (ahh, I love that thing..) we win and for the 3rd week in a row, the King’s Defender drops! Disenchant the bloody thing!! BOOOO… I also think the Ring of Recurrence dropped, but not sure.

Back we went (forgive me if every week this all sounds the same… Let me know if I am boring you too much… 😛 ) to Netherspite. Swapped out one of the rogues for his Warlock. Warlocks and Netherspite go “hand-in-hand”. They are perfect for the blue beam.. Woot! During one of our few attempts at him before getting him down, he bugged out. We usually run back to the windows in the back during the banish phase to avoid the netherbreaths. However, this time he smacked us across the room 3 times in a row just at the end of the phase. He even went over the allotted time by 5 seconds.. Killed many folks, yours truly included. He dropped Jewel of Infinite Possibilities and one other unforgettable item (which I seem to have forgotten)…

We then did a little swapping around. Rogue for his Mage. Warrior for his Hunter. Shadow Priest had to leave, bring in Druid Tank. Tried our hand at the Prince with only 2 healers and the lone warrior left tanking. Didn’t go so hot. We had some aggro problems with the DPS…. WHOA! “Watch the Threat Meter!”… The warrior tank had to bail after a few tries and we brought in our Druid Healer to help (woot). The Druid Tank took over with prince duties and after 1 more wipe, we finally took him down.

FhuunNewGear_031408_005220 Happy Happy day!!! the Helm of the Fallen Defender drops. I roll…. 100 baby!!! Woot.. Of course, no one else rolled against me.. BAH! Another waste of a good roll. He also dropped the Nathrezim Mindblade which the rogue turned mage was looking for. In addition, Jade Ring of the Everliving dropped and while I’m still not sure I am going to use it, they bade me have it! “Please take it, we wish not to have to disenchant this lovely piece of jewelry” (gag…). The problem with that ring is that having Band of Halos and the Violet Signet, I don’t really want to lose the Stamina and Intelligence for a (somewhat) small increase in +healing.

Sooo.. I went and picked up my Light-Collar of the Incarnate and then went and got a Bracing Earthstorm Diamond and a Royal Nightseye. Had to replace a blue gem I had in another item with a purple so I had more “red” than “blue” for the meta. Have to remember that if/when I get gemmable gear.. Lots more +healing for me. Just have to get Revered with Honor Hold and I can get the enchant put on the helm too for even more +heal goodness.

FhuunSleep_031308_232417 Bah.. I’ve rambled on enough. Fyra is still sitting gaining rest XP. I need to take Fhuun out to farm more Dreaming Glory for Elixir of Healing Power and Super Mana Potion. Sounds like a good time, eh?

Tonight is Gruul’s though, so no time to farm! I guess I’ll park Fim and Fhuun over at the stone. I hope I can bring in Fhuun. I’m hoping for the T4 Shoulders!!! 😀 Ah well.. Hope you are all having a good day and don’t forget to leave me some comments!! 😀 (uh huh…)