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March 2008
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Of Course I Karabout You

Todays is a post of 2 items.. Well, 2 main items.

It was the best of worlds, it was the worst of worlds. But I have left it behind! Well, Fyra has. Fyra made it to 58 yesterday! (Well, and 59) Goodbye Azeroth. She is now an official resident of Outland! Hooray for Hellfire Peninsula… She has already replaced a few items (Wonderful feral itemization. Good for both Cat and Bear!) and is moving up in the world quickly. She is still benefiting from the increased xp while below 60.. Woot!

FyraInOutland1_031208_122444 As an aside. When I logged in last night, I noticed a PreLoad message for 2.4!!! Another woot! (Can I hear a woot? Please? Anyone?)… Doesn’t mean we get 2.4 next week, but it is getting closer. Big patch though! Whoa!

Next up, Karazhan. I’m tired of linking to the bosses, so you can just go find them yourself.. 🙂 The normal RL was not available at our normal starting hour, so he asked me to take the reigns. And so I did. We had the pleasure of a new member of our guild whom was from another guild that is much more advanced than we are. He came along to “Meet the Family” as it were and it was great having him along. He’s got a nicely geared Warrior Tank and Shadow Priest. He brought the tank through most of the raid (With Traebear offtanking.. Woot for Pally tanks..) and then brought his Shadow Priest in for the Nightbane fight (as our Mage wanted to switch to his warrior for the Nightbane drops).

Group starting out consisted of:

  • Tanks: Warrior, Paladin
  • Healers: Priest (me), Druid (Karine), Paladin
  • DPS: 3 Hunters, 1 Mage, 1 Warrior

We moved in and dominated Attumen. New strategy to move close in on him after he mounts (not tooo close) worked like a charm and no one got “charged”. One hunter got the neckpiece that he drops and the other item was roll for vendor (boo).

Moroes_031208_221429 Moroes was next. Having a paladin tank to handle the dancers on the way there is priceless. Also having a DPS warrior with some tanking gear to handle the first 2 adds as we burn them down is also good. Another good thing? 3 Hunters!! We had 2 hunters on one add (to keep him CCed for the whole fight) and the other hunter and I tag-teamed the other one. Beautiful! Moroes went down first try. That is what we like to see. Pocket Watch dropped and went to Traebear (I think) and the other item was roll to vendor (boo again..)

We then were on our way up to the Opera. Oz! Ooh.. Could really use that Blue Diamond Witchwand… Hmmm… Explained the fight a little (got some help.. thanks. 🙂 ). Took them down lickety split! Another 1 shot… Ooooh, we are on a roll. And guess what? The wand dropped! And guess what? I got it! Woot! (If you are counting, how many woots is that so far??? Drinking game anyone?) Other drop was Beastmaw Pauldrons which I “think” we rolled for vendor (boo boo boo)

Curator_031208_233204 We had to make a few substitutions for Curator as some people had to leave. We swapped out Karine for our other Druid healer. One hunter had to go and we replaced with a rogue. The other hunter wanted to switch to his Shadow Priest. So, basically same healing arrangement, but DPS was now 1 Hunter, 1 Mage, 1 Warrior, 1 Shadow Priest, 1 Rogue.. Whoo!

We climbed the stairs and at one point we pulled 2 of those mob groups right before the Curator! Whoa!!!! But.. We survived.. No wipes.. A few deaths… A few heart attacks later, we made it. Had a few issues on the Curator with the sparks, but took him down after 2 Evocates. Garona’s Signet Ring dropped and while the hunter won it “fair und square” decided to give it to the rogue. Awww.. So nice. Other item was the Warrior, Priest, Druid glove token.

Nightbane_031208_235145 Was getting late, but we were on fire! Decided to go take out Nightbane. Here is where we swapped our Warrior Tank. Mage turned into Warrior Tank, Warrior Tank turned into Shadow Priest. Shadow Priest went back to hunter… Gets tough to keep track of. Explained the fight (quickly, since we all knew it) and then used my brand new Blackened Urn to summon the boss. Pretty much textbook fight. Nobody ran, Nobody surrendered.. And.. he was down. Can’t for the life of me remember what dropped, but I know they were taken by people who wanted them.. I think it was a healing staff and a damage offhand.. Yeah! That is what they were.. The Shadow Priest took the staff (in case he ever went “healie”) and the Druid too the offhand for PvP.. 😀

Wow. A night of 1 shots.. 5 bosses, none left standing. Lots of badges. Some decent loot. 2nd half of Kara is more the stuff I need. Tonight will be Shade, Nightbane, Prince, Illhoof, Maiden, Chess.. Not necessarily in that order. Normal RL will be around, so less pressure on me. 🙂

Work on Fyra will recommence when it does. She needs some rest XP anyway.

Whew.. Too many words here.. Hope you enjoyed my long winded rambling… I’m outta here!