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March 2008
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Raising Fyra Feral

This weekend was spent leveling Fyra, my NE Druid. She is still Feral (Cat) Specced. I went from Un’Goro to Winterspring over the weekend and low 50s to 57 as of last night (on my way to 58!!! Outland here I come….).

She got some help on Saturday when Kezz helped out with some quests in the Burning Steppes. Then we moved into Blackrock Depths and invited another “little” druid to join us. We got through much of the instance (including a few quests I had already) and even got Fyra attuned to the core. LOL!! We had a good time.. Still have to go back though and finish the rest of the quests (including the jailbreak ones).

Fyra_030808_214921 We were supposed to head into Gruul’s Lair on Friday night… But (as you can surmise from the “supposed”), that didn’t happen. Fhuun got the “Massacre at Gruul’s Lair” questline finished though (woot!). After waiting for a while, we decided to go ahead and finish Karazhan instead. (Since we didn’t have enough people online on our side or the other guild’s side)

THAT Kara run went well.. We took out (lets see…) Netherspite, Terestian Illhoof, Maiden of Virtue and Nightbane. Not necessarily in that order. Things went pretty smoothly I suppose and it only took a few tries to down Nightbane. We didn’t have our normal tank we use for this fight, but the other one we brought in (he wants the chestpiece that drops) did just fine.

Saturday was the “all day Fyra lovefest”… Um.. that sounds bad.. Worked on leveling Fyra all day.. Ah.. better. 🙂

DedFrog_030908_214731 Sunday.. Well.. I did tell you that there was a general cry from the Mythos raiding public (well 1 or 2 of them) for me to pick up the mantle of Zul’Aman raid leader.. Well, I tried my (completely disorganized) hand at it last night. Things went, uh… Alright. We got started a little late because many peeps were MIA. Then we missed the timer on the first boss because we wiped at the bottom of the first set of stairs (oops!). Got Nalorakk down in one shot though (LONG FIGHT….)

Moved on to the second boss of the night, Akil’zon. Had a few issues with him. Actually we wiped on the gauntlet, but got through the second time. Wiped a few times on the big bird dude…. Mostly it was losing the tank issues. We got him down to < 20% a couple of times and then finally took him down. I need to put up the WWS reports to see how many times we actually tried.

mask1_030908_223724 Nalorakk dropped a plate healing helm, Mask of Introspection, which our Pally healer was OH so happy to roll on (and win cuz noone else wanted it). It is UGGGGLY… :P. Then Akil’zon dropped a mail healing helm, Mojo-mender’s Mask, (which is also ugly) that he also took (since we didn’t have a Shaman and noone else wanted it again). I think we just wanted to see him put it on! LOL…

mask2_031008_000044 Drama in the run consisted of getting started late… Then some indecision and disorganization on my part (bah). We then lost our shadow priest after a couple attempts at Akil’Zon. Luckily a Warlock just happened to login after that (we tried to 9 man him… failed miserably). Picked up the warlock and you know the rest of the tale. We got our badges anyway… Ran Fhuun in to pick up his Tattered Hexcloth Sack. After that, I schmoozed on vent for a little while and called it a night.

Tonight, we might head back into Zul’Aman and try bosses we haven’t killed yet. We’ll see how that goes! 🙂

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