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March 2008
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Shades of the Past

Shade_030608_233912 I had a flashback last night. It lasted a few hours.. I felt like I was back many moons to when we were still struggling to down the Shade of Aran. Last night was kinda like that. Took us 5 tries to finally down him. We tried a strategy of getting him to burn his mana down to get the polymorph before the elementals. Well.. He’s bugged. We got him down to almost no mana (after stopping DPS at around 50%) and he kept drinking pots and not sitting and polymorph. The elementals finally spawned (after the interrupts dropped his health down) and he did both the polymorph and the elementals at the same time (which he had for all the other times we had tried also).

Chess_030708_000815 In the end, we went to the strategy that hasn’t worked in the past for us. We burned down his health first. We interrupted the Fire and Frost spells and kept his mana up high. Then got the elementals early. It worked! I even survived. The healers had a much easier job (with less people getting hit by his spells) and we had significant DPS available. Looks like we have a new strategy. 🙂 Nothing special for Healing Priesties dropped.. Too bad I am not shadow or “other” dps priest.. Lots of that stuff dropped.

The fight with the Shade took so long that we were seriously pushing the end of our raiding time when we took off for the Chess event. Got that handled (no drops for me..) Then moved on to the Prince. We lost 2 (Tank Warrior and Mage) but picked up Traebear (Our Awesome Tanking Paladinio..) and Arienna (Kezz’s Hunter of much DPSness). Prince went down .. 1 shot. Pretty sad how much effort it took for the Shade and we down a supposedly “harder” boss in 1 try.. Bah!

Here is the Healing for the last 2 nights (from WWS):

For the first night I am Terpsichore and second night I am Euterpe. The druid the first night was Karine (kezz’s Druid). The second night was a different druid healer (The main one we tote around with us… Forgot if he said I could use his name…). The paladin healer is the same both nights. Any other priests feel like decurse bots? LOL… Still working on gearing up to catch up more.. 🙂 Getting there though. Gotta rep up in HH for my helmet enchant.. Oh wait.. I need a better helmet first!!

I need to turn in the quest I had to kill the Shade, but had to wait for the library to despawn. Can go in tonight I guess (before Gruul).

I have a pretty funny video from after the chess event… The chest despawned after we got all of lootz, but the dude dancing on top of it kept going… LOL!!

Next up tonight is Gruul’s Lair. I talked about this yesterday a bit. I’m hoping for a 1 shot of the High King (we 2 shot him last time). Then lots of time to work on Gruul.. Hopefully we will start closer to “on time” than we did last week. There has been talk of running over to Magtheradon if we pull down Grull fast enough. I’m hoping to bring Fhuun tonight, but we’ll have to see what we need.