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March 2008
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Over and Under Bog

SpaceHelmet_030408_231932Started last night with Fhuun helping out (and being helped) with quests in Netherstorm. We had a group of 5 (Piladden [Holy Priest], Arienna [Hunter], DPS Warrior, Rogue, Fhuun). Yes, that is 2 Holy priests… Pil was doing more DPS though than healing. We rammed through quite a number of quests out there (Fhuun hit 70 not too long after finishing the Area 52 solo quests [well, most of them]). I picked up over 200G just from quests and selling quest rewards that were crap compared to what I had on already … I realized that I have 10 Epics! Wow…

I also realized that I only have 2 items that take gems.. Hmm…. gotta take a look at that itemization..

Dimensius_030408_223022 After the questing, we took a look and the daily heroic was Underbog. So, we saddled up, traded our rogue for another hunter (Arienna is a hunter), Pil for Traebear, and we were off.. Of course, the other hunter forgot to pick up the Heroic key… LOL

We only had 1 wipe and that was due to an accidental pull of 3 mobs and their very quick smackdown of squishy little me. Bosses went down pretty easy. The last boss took me down, but he went down pretty fast with all the DPS dished out. Trae was doing almost as much (if not more, sometimes) damage as the Hunters…

Ghaz'an_030508_004003 After that I asked Kezz to do some prospecting on some of my Adamantite Ore and ended up with 4… 4!!! Talasite She went through 55 ore and I got was 4 lousy Talasite… Bah! Well, lots of other lower level gems, of course.. And lots of dust.. 🙂

Well, tonight is a new Kara run. Good luck to us! Also, I made a post in our guild forums about setting up a Zul’Aman run. I think I’ve been talked into giving it a try. Waiting for people to sign up on the forum to yea/nay the idea (and a day of the week to go).. I need commitment guys!!! 😀

I’ll be back tomorrow for some more abuse… Uh.. and to tell you how Kara went.. 😛 Later.

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