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March 2008
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Queue It Up

Again, I hope you all are reading this on the new blog site http://aatwow.fimlys.com/blog. If not, go there now, I’ll wait…

Ok.. You are here? Good..

We finished up Kara last night by drubbing the Maiden. We had a bit of a hiccup on the first try, but took her down on the second. We didn’t even really have a “prot” tank. Was a DPS Warrior… LOL. Drops were hunter loot. I was playing Fhuun of course. I doubt it was anything that Fimlys needed anyway.

After that, I was asked to sub in for a missing person in 2 5v5 Arena teams. (Fim in one, Fhuun in the other). Sure! We blazed through the 20 matches. I forgot I had installed Proximo addon which, as you mouse over the enemy players, it shows the enemies in a nice little box. You can click to target and even setup click-to-cast for it too. I found it pretty invaluable.

The first team (which included Fimlys), had a rough time and only won 2 out of 10. I have a screen shot of 1 of the wins…


Then Fhuun joined the other team and we went 4-6. Not too shabby. I think I did more healing when I died though… (That “angel” form FTW). I took SS of all the wins… Here is one:


I had a good time and we talked about maybe putting together another 5v5 or 2 so that Fhuun and/or Fim could join up one permanently. We have enough alts in the guild that it should be a problem.. 🙂

It is Tuesday night, so I am not sure what is going on. I was once again asked to maybe start up a standard Z’A run, but I am still on the fence. If we did it, I would want it to be a “static” group at least until we clear it. Problem is, of course, that we already have at least 2 nights (wed/thu) working on Kara and then a night (fri) put aside for 25 man runs with another guild. So… We could plan on Saturday, Sunday or even Monday I guess. Really depends on what the raiders can do. Monday night might be good since people are more likely to be around (Peeps go away for the weekend, including me). Bah, we’ll see.

That’s all for today. Since I am not on WordPress.com anymore, I have more flexibility on the site in general. Hopefully you’ll be seeing some good changes coming in the future… But for now, Later!

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