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March 2008
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Nerves of Steel

Back from the weekend and ready to rock! Friday: Gruul’s, Saturday: Kara, Sunday: Heroic

Starting with:


Frog_022908_214923 On Friday, we were grouping with another guild again to take a jaunt into Gruul’s Lair. Unfortunately, they were pretty late getting things together and so we sat around waiting for over an hour. We did get to play “Kiss the Frog” with Mojo, though.

When we finally got in, Fhuun was on the roster for the first try. Did pretty well, but I think we lost control at some point and too many tanks started dying. After the fight, one of the Hunters DCed and couldn’t get back in. So, I subbed out for Fimlys, since they had a Druid healer ready to come help. Second try on the High King… DOWN! 2 shotting the High King fight was not something we thought we would do on the second “serious” time we were in there.. Good job all.

From what I can tell from the WWS report (ss follows, I am Phobos), Kenny and I rocked the DPS.. 🙂


We moved on to Gruul, but didn’t do so hot. After a few tries, we gave up for the night, since we had gotten a late start.


On Saturday night we were going to go back into Karazhan and hopefully forget that Thursday ever happened. I got a whisper from our normal Raid Leader saying he was going to be an hour late and did I mind leading the Raid tonight…. Uh.. me?!?!?! Well, ok.

Sapphire_030108_225128 It look a pretty long time to get the 10 people together. We were very low on attuned 70s logging in. Once we finally got setup, we made our way up to the Shade of Aran. We had Traebear (Pally Tank) tanking and it was pretty awesome. Instead of CCing stuff, we just AOE nuked it all. Unlike our failures on Thursday, we One Shot him… Woot! [Aran’s Soothing Sapphire] dropped for me! Another woot… 😛

We moved on up to the Chess Event and then up to the Prince. We subbed out our offtank for the normal RLs healing Pally for this fight. We had a little trouble on the first try (mainly from bad luck with the infernals). On the second try, we downed him just before an infernal came and dropped on top of him. So, 2 shot on the Prince.

Back in to Netherspite. Back out with the Healer, back in with the OT. Bit the dust on the first try (I got taken out by a void zone about 1/2 way through, and the green beam went a bit wild and started healing him…. ick). Second try, we got him down. Getting that pattern for the beams set up is quite Nervewracking. So, 2 shot on Netherspite

Down the stairs to Illhoof next. With a Pally tank, we did this one without breaking a sweat…. 1 shot, on Illhoof.

Back to our nemesis…. Nightbane. The one that caused so much grief on Thursday. Keeping our 2 healer setup (we had our uber Druid Healer and Fhuun), we faced him down. We were having a lot of troubles the first 3 tries with running out of mana and the tank taking a dirt nap. There was a suggestion by one of the Hunters to swap out for his Shadow Priest (aka Mana Battery). We tried that and got him down on the next try (4th). It just put us over the top because both the Druid and I were seriously out of mana when he dropped. But we got him down… 4 shot.. 🙂


We called it after that. Tonight we are planning on trying to get the more junior group together again and take on the Maiden (whom we skipped on Wed.)


Sunday was a no-raid day.. So we got a group together to run a Heroic with Fhuun. There was a suggestion of Sethekk Halls, so I ran Fhuun in quick to get his 20 last rep for the key and we entered into the Heroic Instance.. Only… It didn’t feel too heroic. We had our Druid Healer (who could also summon the middle boss), 2 Hunters (One of which was Arienna). Trae tanking and Fhuun was sitting there watching.. (well, he was SUPPOSED to be healing, but not much healing to actually do). We ripped through the place in less than 90 minutes.. 3 bosses down, never lost the tank (healers both died on last boss though…). We sharded the last bosses stuff (bah. nuttin good), but it was a nice rep run.

Then we helped try for the Turtle Tome in Z’G again. No dice… Fimlys got to go … 🙂

Ame_030208_174109 Afterward, we got 3 (including Fhuun) who hadn’t yet gotten the Ogri’La starting quests done and 2 to help and went and wiped them “Sons of Gruul” off the map (for about 30 seconds anyway). Easy as pie..

And that was the end of the night. Exciting, eh?


Tonight is that continuation of Kara to pick up the Maiden. I had also gone on Sunday during the day and finished up some of the other quests I had there. Next one is killing the Shade again.. Have to wait until Thursday I guess. I also spent some time leveling Fyra. She is at 52 and running around Un’Goro right now. Also spent some time farming Dreaming Glory for Super Mana Pots. Found a good place is blades edge.. Just fly around there. The nice thing is that DG comes in groups of 2 or 3 when you herb it. Also got Fhuun’s Mining to 375… 🙂

That’s all I got on this weekend. The Monday posts always seem to be the biggest! 🙂 Speek u 2morrow. 😛

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