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February 2008
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The Name Game

Fs To go along with the Blog Azeroth Topic of the Week which was really the “topic of a few weeks ago”, I hereby present my posting (wow.. 2 in one day!) on how I named my Character(s).

I was a pretty big Dragonlance book (by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman) fan in days of yore. I was quite intrigued by the character Fizban (also Zifnab from other series of the authors).  I have used the moniker Fizzban online in the past (not to steal the name entirely…) and it has been shortened to Fizz on many occasion since Fizzban is sometimes taken.. 🙂

Having said that, my first character I created in WoW (no longer with us, I am sad to say) was Fizz. Now, I have another Fizz, but he isn’t the same one.  Since then, I decided to name all my alts with a “F” as their first character.  This seemed to help my friends and guildmates struggle through my alt addiction and still be able to tell who I was..  Since then, my main has become Fimlys and I have a new Fizz which is a level 17 mage (just seemed to fit).  I have Fyra (a druid), and Freez (a rogue).. [See what I did there??… Ice, Fire, blah…]. And more recently I created Fhuun because I was just playing around with the Draenei (little did I know he would be my next 70!).  I have a few others that are “F” also… Furis and Frannk and Fellmara (warlock).  All “F”…

Now, of course, there are other characters with “F” names. I like to say that All my characters start with “F”, but not all characters that start with “F” are me.  Frequently guildies will say HI to other guildies that have “F” names as if they were me..  I bet it is embarassing. 🙂 

Well.. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it..  What’s yours?