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February 2008
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I Feel Happy, I Feel happy.

FhuunCurator_022808_000838 It was Wednesday.  There was Kara.  It started a little late, and we had a few chageups to the regular lineup.  We even had a different Raid Leader.  But… We did good. 🙂

No problems with Attumen and Midnight. Still couldn’t repair when we got to the Blacksmith though.  No drops for Fhuun.  Moving on to Moroes.  I got smacked down by a free roving add about 3/4 of the way through the fight, but they soldiered on without me and took him down.  2 of the 3 healers went down, but still one-shot.. 😀 No Moroes loot for me (is there much good for Holy Priest from him?). Somewhere before we fought Moroes, I got Honored with Violet Eye, so I went out and got my new [Violet Signet] and went and repaired at the Blacksmith (WOOT!).

Gown_022708_233020 Next up, Opera..  We tend to skip the Maiden.  Not really sure why, but that is fine for now.  Event was R&J. We swapped our Rogues because one of our other rogues wants a drop from this fight (I think the [Romulo’s Poison Vial]). We got them down within about 1/2 sec. of each other.. It was very pretty. I even remembered to take a FRAPS video of the fight (and my spectacular healing.. LOL  [gag])..  Fight over, I started getting whispered “Grats”… “Grats”.. Uh… What did I do?  Oh!!! [Masquerade Gown] dropped!  Wooot!  Other healers (Shaman and Paladin) didn’t want to wear a dress.. 😛  So… I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!  And it matches my shoulders much better.. 😛

We had just enough time to make a run for The Curator. Cleared out his room up to the last group.   Pulled the last group and somehow picked up the bad boy himself too.. One DI on me after a not so spectacular wipe, we were back up on our feet and buffing up.  Since I don’t count that accidental pull as a “try”, we still 1 shot him.. 😀 (I know, technicality.. well, poop!). Got him down again just after the 2nd invocation.  We’re getting really good at this :P.

Incarnate_022808_002724 This time I went to loot my badges and… the Warrior, Priest, Druid token drops!   Well.. No druids this run and the Warriors either had it or didn’t want it.  Go me!  Considering how crappy my gloves were before, T4 is a good upgrade.  I’m almost looking Gruul’ish.. almost.. 😛

We called the night there as 2 of us had to get going. Asked Arienna (Kezz’s enchanter) to get my new gown enchanted with the +6 MP5 enchant.  Then went to check my auctions and decided to buy some Primal Life to get the Healing enchant on my new gloves.  The enchanter that had it wasn’t on when I swapped back, but I’ll hit him up tonight for it.  I also decided to pick up [Bishop’s Cloak] with 25 Badges.  The cloak I had before was sooo crappy..  This was a major upgrade (+33 healing and other stats too..).

Tonight is the continuation of Kara. I’m hoping we keep up the good work and continue mowing them down. Tomorrow night is our Gruul’s Lair run with the other guild.  Last time went really well, hopefully this time we’ll even get Gruul himself down!  Not sure at this point if I’ll be taking Fim or Fhuun.  Up to the raid leader I guess.  If you are in Mythos and want to go to Gruul’s, please make sure to sign up at the forums.  Link is on the blogroll on the right.

That is all for me today!  Good Luck.

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