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February 2008
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Holy Healing, Batman

LeapOfFaith_022608_235328 Hello my faithful readers.. It’s that time once again. Another update from yours truly. Still really not sure who it is that reads this drivel.. Do any of you really care or are you just here for the Helpful Hunter Macros post? Ah well, not sure I care 🙂 Welcome anyway..

So, back to the reason I am here (even if it isn’t the reason you are…). What did I do last night on WoW? Well, I am soooo glad you asked.. cause I was gonna tell you anyway.

Well, Fhuun healed Heroic Mechanar. Not only that.. But.. I did it without any other healers (well, the tank was a pally, but not sure that counts). 0 Wipes, only lost the tank once. Of course, I died a few times, but that is to be expected I guess. I am a squishy.

Mech_022608_221316 We strode in and took down the Mini-Boss to the left.. Then cleared down and took out Mechano-Lord Capacitus. He dropped [Hammer of the Penitent], of course, but I already have Light’s Justice from the Prince in Kara (see last post.. I think). Then took out the other Mini-Boss. Moving on to the Cache of the Legion I got to take the [Bloodfyre Robes of Annihilation] for my DPS set. Seems that is the only thing that ever drops from that. Would have liked [Vestia’s Pauldrons of Inner Grace], but, oh well.

Next, up the elevator and clean out to the gauntlet. The gauntlet is where the tank died and the mage we had kited the Destroyer until it was dead.. 🙂 Woot! Oh.. The group was: Traebear (Tanky Pally), Arienna (Kezz’s Hunter Extrodinare) [With Brat the Cat], Mage, Rogue and Me. We always skip the second boss, Nethermancer Sepethrea until after the final boss. I died on the last group of 4 in the gauntlet and they had to run and reset the boss so I could run back in.

BootsOfThePious_022608_232232Pathaleon the Calculator went down smooth as butter with Trae AOE tanking all his adds and the Rogue slicing his way through them all with ease. No issues on the healing front. I was just about to take a mana pot (the ones you can use in TK area) and then he dropped. And guess what he dropped when he did? You know it… [Boots of the Pious] WOOT!!! Yeah baby! So, all in all, it was a pretty good run for me. We went back and actually killed the nethermancer without too much trouble. That has to be one of the most annoying boss encounters. Especially on heroic when there are 3 elementals to run from. She dropped an axe that we sharded, but it was nice for the rep anyway. Still a long way from Revered in Sha’Tar (and every other faction…), but a few thousand rep is nothing to sneeze at.

After finishing we got a small raid together (about 7) to run into Z’G and try to get the Turtle Scroll again. Took 10 minutes to run in and summon and kill the boss (including fishing time), but no scroll.. Ah well.. 🙂 Maybe next time.

Tonight starts another Kara run. AFAIK, Fhuun will be there. Hoping for some more drops.. hehe.. Hey, if he gets enough, maybe I’ll bring him to Gruul’s on Friday (depending on what we need, of course). That’s it for today. I appreciate you getting this far. Once again, any comments, suggestions, etc are greatly appreciated. I like feedback, if nothing else than just to know someone really reads this drivel.. 🙂 Next update.. tomorrow.. 🙂