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February 2008
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Vegas, Baby!

Yeah.. I was gone for a long weekend.  So, this will be mainly a post about last Thursday night and last night (Monday).  I was in Vegas all weekend and didn’t play WoW at all! (no wonder I got sick.. 😛 )


Shade_022108_222339 We went back into Kara.  Fhuun was in for the long haul. First up, Shade of Aran.  We made it up to the Shade’s room without all that much trouble.

Things were going decently smooth until he decided to concentrate on me.  Taking a fireball then a few acrane missles put me down quick. I got off as many heals as I could before my “angel” form went away… 🙂

The remaining people got him down anyway and we chalk up another “1 Shot”!  Quite impressive I think.  No priesty delights for me though.. Ah well..  Couple more badges anyway.. 🙂

Moving on, we took out the Chess event.  Nothing special there.  No lootz for Fhuun, badges badges badges…. (Gotta save em for 2.4 though!!!)

Chain_022108_231817 Back we went to Netherspite.. And (I think… memory is hazy) I survived the fight!  I didn’t have a beam to worry about, so that helped out. It definitely was a “whack-a-mole” healing fight.  Everyone is taking damage.  It’s crazy!  Another 1 shot… And.. A drop! [Shining Chain of the Afterworld]. Not too shabby.. 🙂


Next was the Prince..  I was told this is a pretty tricky fight for healers.  Luckily we had a few extras.  We were very lucky with the infernal placement and once again… Without too much ado, we dropped him in his tracks… And, lo and behold!  From on high, the loot gods smiled upon me and bade me to rejoice.. For Justice had arrived…  Specifically [Light’s Justice]..  WHOOOOO!!  Can’t tell you how excited I was.. Well, I could try, but I won’t.. 😀



Sooo…. That ended Thursday night.   Quite productive I would say.


I got back home from Vegas on Monday night and so got online a little later than normal.  Fhuun lost his spot in the cleanup crew for kara, but they did (afaik) one-shot Illhoof and Nightbane.  Nothing much dropped, so I wasn’t too disappointed.

MC_022508_231728 We then did a quick MC run to just kill 2 of the bosses (which I joined).  We had about 12 peeps.  We wiped a decent amount (blah) but got them down.. Nothing spectacular dropped though.  Fhuun won some druid gear to vendor.. whoopie!

I DID get my Light’s Justice enchanted though with the +healing enchant.  So, that is a good thing at least..


Tonight is a “no-plan” night I think (unless we go do a quick run on Z’G). Maybe we can get in a daily heroic run also.  We’ll have to see. 

That’s it for me for today.  Hopefully there will be more interesting things to talk about tomorrow. Fhuun still has some pretty wacko gear taking place of some real priest gear.. Hopefully we can get that stuff replaced.. 🙂  Later all.

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