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February 2008
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We Is Healin’ Now!

FhuunKara1_022008_214958 Woo hoo.. Fhuun’s first night in Kara.. What a blast.  We did a great job and while I didn’t even do 50% of the healing (there were only 2 of us.. The other was out super duper Druid healer.. 🙂  ), I think I did okay. I remembered to bring my Pots, the food I had, and lots and lots of candles… Didn’t really need as many as I brought, though. 

First stop, Attumen.  Pretty easy to heal with the Druid by your side.  His HOTs did most of the work, with mine and my regular heals topping things off.  Got my badges, but no Priestie love.. Finished the quest to talk to the Blacksmith, but can’t yet repair there (a few more runs maybe.. or by the end of this one..). 




We did a quick break to check out the Lunar Eclipse and then back to work on the trash leading to Moroes.  The fight was interesting since I had one of his adds to Shackle.  The Shackle kept breaking because he was too close to the guy that can free him.  Finally got him safe.  Got most of the way through and then both of the Healers went down (yeah, one of them is me..)..  But… They killed him anyway!  Woot!  2 bosses down, 0 Wipes.  No priest loot again (boo), but another few badges.. Yay!


We moved on to the Opera event, which turned out to be Big Bad Wolf.  Unfortunately, I died when I was little red, but they still killed the wolf (I’m telling you, they don’t need me.  Druid can 1 man heal the whole instance!).. For my super effort, I was gifted with the [Ribbon of Sacrifice].  Woot! My first Kara lootz.. I was psyched.. 3 down, 0 Wipes…


FhuunKara_022008_232433 Next up… Maiden.. Yeah, I forgot to take a screenshot of her ded… But.. She was.  I was the only one that could clean the debuff she does, so it was more “whack-a-mole” than usual.  We had a lot of melee, so they were in the thick of things.  Turned out okay and we took her down. Yeah.. you guessed it.. Jus Badges, no loot for me.. Really wanted that Healing Mace.. Ah well… 4 down, 0 Wipes…

We were moving pretty quickly through this place.  Next stop on the spankin’ train… The Curator… Oooooh.. This fight seemed scary from a healing standpoint.. I was focusing on the 2 Tanks (Main Tank and Bolt Soaker).  However, I am pretty sure the Druid was helping out with a few HOTs here and there… 😛  We got him down in 2 innervates. I actually remembered to use my little pet to leech some mana off of him at one innervate. Topped me off!  Woot. Those adds really liked me though.. Spent not a little amount of time healing myself. 😛 .. Once again, no loot for me.  Hunter, Mage, something Token..  4 down, 0 Wipes..


And.. We’re out.. Time to quit for the night.  I think it went pretty well considering.. Did some more fishing with Fim afterwards.. up around 190 something now I think… 

Tonight is a continuation of Kara.  I’m not sure how I’ll do in the Shade fight.  I think my hunter skills might be helpful.  The shackling stuff was definitely easier than I though because of my “CC instincts”.  We still have Shade, Illhoof, Chess, Netherspite (ugh), Prince, and Nightbane…  Whew… That’s a full mouth..

I’ll be back to give you an update on Tuesday.. Gonna be gone for a few days starting tomorrow, but I’ll see what I can do.. 🙂  Have a good weekend!

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