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February 2008
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ZG_021908_213855 No, I really have no idea what that title means.. 🙂

Tuesday night was pretty quiet.  Fhuun helped out by solo healing a 8 (I think, might have been 9) man raid into Zul’Gurub to try to get another Turtle Polymorph for our mages.  Lost the 3 mages in the boss fight, but we did kill him.. The polymorph did not drop though. Ah well…

After that, I switched over to Fyra and did some questing in Searing Gorge.  I got her to level 51 and I think it might be time to move into Un’Goro.  I got her First Aid up to being able to make Heavy Mageweave, but I am not sure I understand why I would bother.  Fimlys can make all the bandages if I need them and so it might just be a waste of cloth to level it.

I then went off for a bit to play Lost Odyssey.  It is pretty good so far. Haven’t really gotten into the meat of it yet.

I came back somewhat late and decided to try leveling Fimlys’ fishing skill.  I got him to 150 fishing up Oily Blackmouths and Rare Sagefish near Southshore.  Was a little boring, but I got a lot of fish and now I need to go get my book to increase my skill above 150.  I’ll probably just go back there to do more leveling as I don’t have to fight anything and I don’t “miss” anymore.

Tonight is Fhuun’s first run of Kara.  Hope I don’t screw up too badly…  Hopefully my internet connection will be back up before then!  Comcast is having some issues right now that look like a router loop.  Hopefully they will figure it out soon..  🙁

Well.  Have a great day everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow to let you know how the Raid went!..

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