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February 2008
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Heroic_021808_212420 Monday night was Fhuun night.  Want to get to revered with HH so I can get [Glyph of Renewal] and [Ring of Convalescence].  So I got a group together to go run Shattered Halls (since I have some quests there..).. Well….. It turns out that the Daily Heroic was Shattered Halls.. Hmm… Could Fhuun heal a heroic?  One as difficult as SH?  Well.. not by myself.  The folks I got together agreed to give it a shot with an additional healer.  So we switched a Mage out for his Healing Pally.  We also had Trae tanking (Go, Go Pally tank..), Kezz sheeping, and a Warlock.

BOJ_021808_214244 Things seemed to be going pretty well at first.  We had a little bit of a scare when Trae was feared into the second group of mobs in the second hallway.  But we healed through it and they DPSed them down.  We did really well until we hit the gauntlet

The first run into the gauntlet area we lost the 2 dps right away.  Trae held on and we retreated back into the hallway before the gauntlet.  The 2 DPS ran back and we rebuffed and tried again.  No problems this time and we had no issues even taking out the Heroic boss at the end (Oh.. Fhuun got his first Badge of Justice off the First boss in the instance.. WOOT!)

We did have an issue with one pull where we got the side group (after the gauntlet area) and they had full health.  These are the guys you usually pull when they are “low” health so they are easier to take down.  Well, full health was not a good thing.  Trae went down pretty quick and then the DPS.  The Pally DIed me, but he also had a soulstone.  We popped up and rezzed everyone.  Then tried again.  No real issues after that.  O’mrogg went down without too much fuss. Trae was able to hold aggro on him pretty well considering the boss’ tendency to drop aggro.

Omrogg_021808_223516Trae flushed out the Assassins and we took care of them.  By the way, we had gotten the quest to free the captive (at the end).  Moving on to the final boss, we had the Pally healer soak his charges (only hitting for 900 hp.. nice..) and the blade dances weren’t bad at all.  Took him down without losing anyone (Trae held all the add with Consecration).  All in all, it seemed even easier than I remember non-heroic SH being..

We had made it in time to rescue the fair maiden!  More gold for me … 😛  LOL.  I also picked up a nice gem (which you see socketed into my shoulders there..) and the [Bands of Rarefied Magic] which, while not particularly “Healing”-like, were a decent upgrade for me… and… my first 70 Epic!  Woo hoo…  Thanks to everyone for their help on getting through this.  I had never even done Heroic SH with Fim!

After the run.  I asked Kezz to help me with some gems and enchants for my gear to get me ready for Kara on Wednesday.  I just happened to have the Vitality to Boots enchant sitting in my Enchanter’s bank (he can’t use it yet) and decided that it was more useful to me if Kezz had it (well, her enchanter anyway) than if I did.  Hard to enchant your own Soulbound items with a different toon on the same account.. Bleh…  So, gave her it and she enchanted my boots.   Also enchanted my new bracers with the +healing and my chest with +MP5 (I think 6..)  I was really going for the ‘cheaper’ enchants mainly because I assume at some point I will be replacing this gear.  More likely sooner than later. 

Socketing_021808_231249At this point, with Pots (and especially with food), Fhuun is breaking the +1k Healing level.  If he is lucky enough to pick up the mace from the Maiden and some other nice pieces along the way (either in kara or Heroics…), I think he will be doing quite well.  I am enjoying healing quite a bit.  I’ll let you know more if I am going to stay at it after I see how healing a Kara run goes!

I’m not sure if I am going to play much WoW tonight (yah, who am I kidding).  We’ll have to see.  I picked up Lost Odyssey  for the 360 and want to put some time into it sooner or later.  If I do head into WoW, I thing we are doing another Z’G run for the turtle polymorph.  I’ll probably bring Fim in for that one.  I also think I want to work more on leveling Fyra.  If I level her and make her a big bad bear, then I will have one of each of the “types” of characters..  DPS, Healer, Tank… We’ll have to see.. I really do like playing the Druid.  Can be a little difficult some times compared to my other high-level guys (no pet, no shield), but it can be a lot of fun stealthing and I really like the shapeshifting aspect.

Well, That’s it! I’m outta here.. !!Peace!!

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