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February 2008
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Weekend of WoW

Gruul_021608_000320 This was one (almost) full-time marathon WoW weekend! And the achievements I attained are both astounding and amazing. Ok.. enough of that! 🙂

We can go daily….


On Friday, our guild joined another guild for a run on Gruul’s Lair. We provided 15 players and they provided 10. We had 6 Hunters (I think), including Fim! The first few pulls of High King went a bit sour. We lost the Main Tank pretty quick along with many of the other “tanking” toons. Somewhere around the 9th try.. Finally… We got him (and his entourage) down for the count. Of course, the Hunter token dropped.. And I think I rolled a 3 or something.. One of the other guild’s hunters won the token. No biggie, had fun anyway.. 🙂




We moved on to Gruul, taking down the trash with ease and had many misadventures with the big dude.. No luck on getting him down.. I think we got him down somewhere a little below 75% one of the times.. In the WWS report above, I am Io (Includes pets). I was dead for a decent amount of the fight against High King (that we got him down on), so it didn’t help any.. 😛


Fhuun70_021608_170841 Saturday came, and I spent all morning getting Fhuun to level 70.. Yep! I did it. Gave it a final push and quested my way up to those lofty heights. After that, I got Fyra up to 50 also finally and worked on her Alchemy a bit. She can now make [Super Healing Potion], [Super Mana Potion], [Elixir of Healing Power] and [Elixir of Draenic Wisdom].

That night, a hopeful Z’A run was scrapped, so I pulled together the usual suspects and finished up Fhuun’s attunement for Kara! I had Fyra make him a few potions to get ready. Can’t wait….




RingOfBlood_021708_204330 Worked on getting Freez to level 35 on Sunday. Asked a friend in the guild to help me out and they brought their Lvl 42 priest out to Dustwallow Marsh and helped with the quests out there. Finally dinged 35, said my thanks, and went to spend a ton of money on getting his enchanting to 275. Did it, and he can now disenchant anything in the game! (as far as I know). I D/E all the green and blue BOE items I had in his bank (and any other toons bank/mail) and now have an amazing number of high-end dust and essence.

That night I got a group to go help with Ring of Blood. Since I already have [Essence Focuser] and a decent offhand, instead of the Healing Mace they had as a reward ( [[Mogor’s Anointing Club] ), I picked up the staff, [Battle Mage’s Baton] , for my DPS gear.

UberShoulders_021708_222135 We then went to Arcatraz to get another guildie’s alt the 3rd frag. Instead of stopping at the frag, we continued and cleared the instance. I got a decent offhand to go with the Essence Focuser (better than what I had..). [And look at those new shoulders!!! Ok, Ok.. They aren’t really armor. 🙂 ]

A little later I assisted in the Black Morass run for that same attunement and picked up [Epoch-Mender] !!! This staff was better even than the Essence Focuser and the offhand combined (a little less healing, but lots more Heath and Mana, and I needed a bump up on that).

That was all for the night. Might see about running through a few more instances with Fhuun (for rep and additional rewards). I have the keys to do many of the heroics, but I am not sure I am geared up enough to be the only healer in one. Maybe as a DPS/Off-healer.. We’ll see.. I still need to gem-up a few items I have still. I might go ahead and pick up some nice ones for the [Hallowed Pauldrons] I have, since I don’t think I will be replacing that one for a while (although you never now)..

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