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February 2008
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Oh Yeah – Levitate

Prince_021408_232531 Last night didn’t exactly go as planned, but it ended up working out fine.  I started by working on getting Fyra to level 50.  Flew her back to Searing Gorge and re-started the quests out there. Got her to about 70% or more toward level 50 and then the Kara RL asked if Fim could fill a slot in the final couple of bosses.

So, I parked Fyra and we went a-huntin’.  Kara went okay.  We had a couple issues with Netherspite for some reason. He decided that he REALLY didn’t like me.  Killed me real quick the first few tries.  When we finally did get him down, it was pretty satisfying. In that fight it is very important that EVERYONE stay alive as long as possible.  Those beams don’t block themselves, you know.. 😀

Prince was a one shot deal.  We even had the first infernal drop right between us and the boss, but our healing was strong and our DPS mighty and we prevailed in the end.  Big axe dropped, not really better than what Fim has.  I think the only thing I really would like to get out of Kara now for him is the Sword that Netherspite drops.. But he didn’t drop it.

Steamrigger_021508_002205 After Kara (about 11:30pm Eastern Time), I pulled some peeps together to go run Steamvaults for the keyfrag (and XP) for Fhuun. Trae tanking, Kezz dps/sheep, 2 Hunters and Fhuun healing. We ripped through that place. No deaths, no problems.  Loot from first 2 bosses was Shaman gear.. (oy)..  Last was Plate and Leather.  Finished up a couple of quests (picked up a few Coilfang Armaments) and Fhuun is now 20% on his way to level 70.  When we were swimming over to the area by the second boss, someone reminded me I have levitate and could run across the water instead of swimming… “Oh Yeah”…

Tonight is the Gruul’s Lair run we are sharing with another guild.  Only have 14 signed up from Mythos.. I think we are supposed to bring 15, but hopefully some stragglers will either post to the boards or just show up.. I’m sure we will do fine.  I need to go check out the Boss Strategies for the fight so I am ready. I’ll let you know how it goes either tomorrow or Monday..  Later dudes!