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February 2008
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One Step Beyond…

MomentOfTruth_021408_010659 I feel like I’ve been hit by a really big truck.  At 1:06am Eastern Time… Last Night, February 13, 2008… Fhuun is one step away from 70.. Yep. He made it to 69, baby! I spent all last night grinding through quests in Netherstorm. No instances, only helped/was helped by 1 random bloke through 1 quest (escort some robot through the ruins).  Rest of the guild was in Kara and I hear they did a great job.

Not really much else here.. I quested, quested, quested.  I have 1 more level to go and can’t wait.  I’m thinking that running a couple instances for the XP might be a better way to do it.  Get through a Steamvaults run and maybe a Shattered Halls run (I have quests for SH)..  Tonight I assume they will finish up Kara and then tomorrow is the Gruul run (obviously bringing Fim, Fhuun just isn’t ready). So it may be a weekend thing to get him to 70, but I can’t imagine it will take longer than that.  Next Kara run, here comes Fhuun!! (well, if there is a spot.. 😛 )

Fhuun69_021408_010722 So, what are you guys working on?  Oh yeah.. Happy Valentines Day!  I’m getting ready to go for that respec to remove my damage dealing talents.  If it looks like we really will be “instancing” up to 70, then I’ll probably respec him now to get a feel for the new build before Kara.  If not, I need to keep some of those skills until I hit 70.  There are still a ton of quests to do, although I prefer to get the gold once I am 70 instead of the XP if I can.

I really am going to try to get in some more Addon posts.  I’ve been a little busy with Fhuun lately, but that grind is almost over (for now).  At least, I want to get a list together of the most relevant addons I use, what they are good for and where they can be picked up.  Most of the ones I use are Ace addons and I use the Ace Updater software (although I have been getting an error in it lately.. don’t know why).

Well, gotta get back to work.  I’ll see u on the other side! 😀

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