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February 2008
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Hellmaw_021208_223228 Off the bat, let me say I hate lag.  I do not know what the issues are that are causing some pretty unbearable lag in some of the “old world” locations… But if it is the “special events”?  Get rid of em.. 

OK… Rant off… Being that Fhuun was now level 68, he could get started on the Karazhan Attunement quest line.  So, I ran him down to Kara and picked up the quests you have to do under kara.  I have to say that it was very painful to do these quests.  Not because the mobs were level 69/70.  Not because many of them resisted Holy spells…. But because the LAG SUCKED!!!  (Guess rant not over..)  Our super-duper rogue (thank you) came to my rescue and helped open a way to the well and then the lake for the final quest down there.

After that, I had to run to Dalaran to get the quest to go to Shat.. 🙂  run run run..  I had asked a few people already if they would be interested in going into Shadow Labyrinth with me to pick up the first frag.  At this point, they whispered me asking when we were going… I replied, “NOW!”.. 🙂  lol.

Murmur_021208_233757 So, we got our group together.  Traebear to tank, Kezz to sheep/kill ( 🙂 ), 2 Hunters to smack stuff around (and off tank, and cc, etc..) and Fhuun to heal.  We had only a few problems during the run.  We had one wipe when we pulled too many people in the room after the first boss.  Then another on our first try on the second boss..  He is the one that mind controls you and I am VERY, VERY Squishie… I died in the first mind control…  (Thanks hunters…)  The rest of them held on for quite a while, but the DPS went down and then Traebear (Prot Pally) just couldn’t hold on.

After running back, we tried again.  I managed to last until the second mind control but the rest finally got him down and we could move on.  The next boss is pretty infamous for being really difficult.  I remember many nights going through different strategies on how to take him down… (this is Vorpil)..  Well, last night was the quickest take down of Vorpil I have ever seen.  We had 1 “port” and even then, if I had been DPSing instead of healing the minimal amount of damage people were taking, he would have been down before that.  It was THAT fast!

Moving on to Murmur, we had no difficulties there although trying to heal when everyone was taking a decent amount of damage was one of my first real challenges as a healer.  I think I am getting better at it.  Nobody complained about my healing skills, so maybe I’m doin’ alright.  (Any tips Pil other than “MORE STAMINA”?)

DeadMurmur_021208_234657 Pulled in one alt from the guild to get their frag too, and I was 1/3 of the frags away from attunement.  Fhuun is also 40% of the way toward 69.  I’m hoping to at least get him to 69 before the weekend and 70 by beginning of next week.  If I can do that, maybe we can finish up the attunement on Monday or Tuesday and Fhuun can head into Kara starting a week from today!  Woot!

Getting more excited about Friday nights Gruul run with another guild.  We have signups on the forum (for those Mythos-ites that haven’t signed up).  We have 15 or so slots for our guys and that is generally the number of main Raiders we have (how convenient).

Tonight will be more Quest grinding to try to reach 69.  Mythos starts the weekly Kara run, but, assuming Fim is not needed, I should be leveling Fhuun.  Freez is close to 33 now and so only 2 more levels until Enchanting Skill UP … (Woot!). Well, that’s it. Take it or leave it.. I’m getting excited for 2.4, getting Fhuun into Kara and Friday Gruul run.  All these great things!  Hope you have a good one.