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February 2008
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Fhuun68_021208_003350 Started a little earlier last night.  Fhuun was so close to 68 and I knew we were running MC starting at 6 server time.  So, I ran him to Area 52 and smashed through some quests.  Just before raid time, he hit 68!!  Woot!  Went and got my new talents (Prayer of Mending, FTW!) and then on to MC.

Molten Core was pretty fun.  We had around 12-13 people in the raid but were lopsided in favor of tanks.  We had 3 “healing specced” healers.  Fhuun (Priest), a Druid and a Paladin.  A few of us were less than level 70, but most were 70.  We did a pretty good job striding through most of the bosses.  I did get a pretty good feeling for some of the raid healing challenges, though. 

Golemagg_021208_000803 We got all the runes doused, moved in and summoned Rag…  Got him down to 1%…. Then he hit the 2nd “Son of Rag” summoning and we wiped.  Our druid stealthed back through past the respawns and “battle rezzed” the paladin and we got everyone back up.  This time, we didn’t do as well.  We didn’t collapse for the Paladin tank to pick up the “Sons”, so we wiped when Rag was at about 50% still!! Ah well. It was really late and some had to get going, so the raid was called. We all had a good time though.

Tonight I have a few peeps on tap to help Fhuun start his Kara attunement.  Now at 68, I can run over to Kara and start.  Can’t do Arc yet (not unless 2.4 is coming out very very soon), but I can get the other 2 frags.  So tonight will probably be a Shadow Labyrinth run and possibly a quick run into SV to get the 2nd frag.  I need to remember to get the SL quests before we run in there.  Still want to make sure I optimize my XP even while working on the attunement.  Faster I get to 70, the faster I can get into Kara.. 🙂

Majordomo_021208_003340 Anyone who reads this take a gander into the PTR?  Anything interesting you want to share?  I am really hoping that it can get moved out to production soon.. I’m looking forward to the new 5-man and many of the other changes..  Well, I’ll talk at you all tomorrow.  Later..

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