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February 2008
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WoW – Patch 2.4

Patch 2.4 is finally on the PTR and I have collected here some info I have ascertained to be of interest to me.. 🙂

Ok.. Here we go..

  • Sunwell Isle is a new Area and will have 5-player and 25-player instances.  There is a faction to grind here and a ton of new daily quests supposedly.
  • They are making radical changes to the Combat Log. Mainly this will effect quite a few add-ons, but I am sure that a large number of add-on writers will put some effort into fixing their add-ons in the PTR.
  • There will be a portal to COT from Shattrath!
    • Equipping a thrown weapon while in the middle of an Auto-Shot will no longer cause animation issues.
    • Casting Flare while in any way not visible, will no longer cause your flare to be invisible to other players.
    • Hunter’s Mark: Hunters with Improved Hunter’s Mark will now properly overwrite Hunter’s Mark cast by Hunters without the talent.
    • The stamina tooltip for hunter pets will now display the proper health increase.
    • Fear Ward is now usable while in Shadow form.
    • Inner Focus: Chastise now benefits from Inner Focus. In addition, Starshards no longer consumes Inner Focus.
    • Power Word: Shield: Using low ranks of this spell will now be penalized the same way healing spells are penalized.
    • Prayer of Mending: This spell will now fade from players who leave or enter an instance, change continents, or exit the game.
    • Reflective Shield: The reactive damage from this talent no longer breaks crowd control affects which break on taking damage.
    • Shadowguard: No longer consumes the charge of Inner Focus when triggered.
    • Silent Resolve:This talent is now affects Surge of Light, Power Infusion, Inspiration, Spirit Tap, Blackout, Levitate, Shackle Undead, Touch of Weakness, Hex of Weakness, and Symbol of Hope.
    • Touch of Weakness: No longer consumes the charge of Inner Focus when triggered. It will also function properly even when the Priest with Touch of Weakness on is silenced or stunned.
    • Vampiric Touch: Casting lower ranks of this spell is now properly penalized like other healing and damage effects.
  • All 25-player raid bosses have had their cash drops increased!
  • All 25- player raid bosses that drop set tokens will now drop an additional token!
  • Players will no longer require an attunement quest to enter Hyjal.
  • Players will no longer require an attunement quest to enter the Black Temple.
  • Players will now be able to purchase level 70 Superior quality PvP items from reputation vendors.

…. And lots lots more.. I would peruse the patch notes if I were you..

This is looking to be a pretty awesome patch.  Since it looks like Mythos will finally be moving forward on 25-man raids [with help], some of the 25-man changes are lookin’ mighty nice..

      The test realm patch notes are available at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/test-realm-patchnotes.html

      The main patch notes are available at http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/patchnotes/

      MMO-Champion Always has VERY, VERY good coverage of Patches.