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February 2008
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Firsts of Doom

COT_020808_224110 This was a very busy WoW weekend.  Got a lot of stuff to talk about!  Fhuun is still 67, but getting closer to 68.  Fyra made it to 49 though (more on that later I think).  I got to see a few places in the “old world” that I never had a chance to go into and some areas in old instances that I never saw (I am do deprived…)

Fhuun got a chance, thanks to some guildies, to go do the Old Hillsbrad COT instance. Of course, I had to do the 10 minute “Intro to COT” quest.. Bah!  I really enjoyed the instance though. Seeing my big Draenei as a Human… UGH!  I had to finally put some effort into my healing and aggro management.  It still wasn’t all THAT much of a challenge, but it was more of a taste of what is to com than running level 60-64 instances with 4 lvl 70s and me “healing” them.

Crypts_020908_002932 After that, 4 of us moved to Auchunai Crypts, a 2 boss instance.  Our tank had actually not been in this instance recently (possibly not at all, dunno).  The first pull didn’t go so well, and I swear he pulled every mob in the whole instance!  Well, one wipe down, we plowed through it pretty easily.  The first boss what somewhat of a pain especially given that we weren’t really ready for a pull and he just aggroed us without warning.  I died, but thankfully we (they) got him down. Got a decent amount of XP for that run and the quest that I finished.

On Saturday night, I got a group together to go run Sethekk Halls.  4 70’s and a 67 healing.  Not too bad!  Without too many issues, we took down the bosses in here and picked up a nice offhand book from one of the quests.  The other thing that was nice is that almost everyone was receiving Lower City rep.  I guess they changed it so that everyone could up to Exalted in there now!  Might be worth just farming that instance for rep (and XP for me).

Gahz'ranka_021008_001548 After Sethekk, one of our Mages in the guild wanted to get together a Zul’Gurub run to try to get the Turtle Ploymorph book.  Fhuun came along to try his hand at “raid” healing.  Admittedly a lvl 60 raid, but a raid nonetheless.  

It was fun and the book dropped, so that was good.  Fhuun actually was getting xp and rep (also good).  We also went and killed the 2 bosses that can drop “special” mounts, but they didn’t drop them this time.  It was definitely a new experience for me, since I had never been in Zul’Gurub before. 

On Sunday, I played a lot during the day and got Fhuun even closer to 68.  The quests in Blades Edge (at least the ones I am working on now) take a little longer to complete.  I think it is time for him to move on soon to Netherstorm.  I may also see if He can make it through some of the level 70 instances (SL, SH, SV) especially because he can start the attunement quest (of course, he can’t get the keyfrag in Arcatraz until he hits 70, for now anyway). 

ZulFarrak_021008_213717 I also roped Trae and Kezz (as Mystii and Kezz) into helping Fyra through Zul’Farrak.  She had a TON of quests in there and I really want to get her to 50 so she can make me some good good pots. 🙂  We had fun in there.  I basically ran behind them and watched 2 Mages do what they do best.. Kill stuff.. I DID heal a little.. I died once when we accidentally pulled some out of the way boss we really knew nothing about.  He spawned all sorts of trash that came and smacked me down.  Kezz was AFK at the time, so that didn’t help.. 😛

After finishing up Z’F, Fyra is now 49 and almost 30% on the way to 50. Just have to grind out a few more quests with her and she should get there easily.  I think Searing Gorge may be given another try now.  I know I have a whole bunch of level 48 quests all over the place.. Gotta get’em done! I did get to see a whole bunch of Z’F content that I had not seen before.  All the groups I had been in before were concentrating on getting their “Carrot on a Stick” and so didn’t do many of the quests (Like the Divino-Matic rod one).

Human_020808_224803 Later that night, Fimlys got a chance to see Zul’Gurub himself.  Since Fhuun was already saved, Fimlys joined a group of Alts of the others that went in on Saturday to help out with some DPS.  Definitely a different feel being 70 and a DPS in there.  Was pretty fun.  Book didn’t drop this time, nor did any mounts (the raptor boss had some issues and reset with 1% health left.  Raptor disappeared.. bah..).

Then Fhuun got back on and did a little more quest grinding until it was time to call it a night. 

That’s it.  Weekend over!  Tonight, we are doing an “old school” MC run.  I think I’ll bring Fhuun, should be interesting handling the heals.  Of course, he won’t be leveling (which I DO want to do), but these types of things make the game fun.. 😀

On Friday, Mythos is joining with another guild to head into Gruul’s Lair!  We are all very excited and I think it will be a great experience. Fhuun won’t be ready for this week’s Kara run, but I am hoping he will be rearing to go next week.  I want to get most of the attunement quest out of the way as soon as he hits 68, and that should help a bit.  Have a good one, and I’ll be back tomorrow with more news. 😛

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