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February 2008
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WoWScrnShot_020808_000645 I feel like I must have committed genocide on the entire Ogre race.   In Blades Edge Mountains, you spend most of your time whacking Orges, getting them drunk, stealing their drinks, etc…  Doesn’t seem very nice.. 🙂

Fhuun has not yet crossed that level 67 threshold, but he is almost there.  Less than 200k to go.  Depending on the Raid festivities tonight, he should ding before tomorrow.

Generally a quiet night.  The guild went back into Kara and it sounds like they did a decent job.  I was left “unfettered” to work on Fhuun and that is what I did.  Questing away.  Moving him closer and closer to that elusive level 70!  I did find out that he can start the Caverns of Time stuff now as that only requires level 66.  If I can get Old Hillsbrad out of the way, that would make things easier later.. Plus more XP and loot is something I’ll never turn down (well, rarely).

I’m thinking at this point, my next area will be Netherstorm.  I’d like to keep Shadowmoon Valley for after level 70 possibly.  It’s too bad they didn’t do 5-man Instance hubs in each of the new areas, but I can understand the difficulty in putting those together.  I still want to get Fhuun into Crypts at some point.  Fim didn’t do many of these instances until he was already 70!  Of course, I am doing them with level 70 ringers.. 😀

WoWScrnShot_020708_223917 Tonight will be more Quest grinding unless Fimlys’ presence is requested for Zul’Aman (which I would not be against going to.. 🙂 ).  I don’t know if they finished Kara last night, but it would be nice if we could regularly clear it within 2 days.  I’ve got Freez in Stranglethorn right now and ready to move on his way to 35.  Fyra is back in Tanaris to finish up a few quests before I run her over to take a picture of Gammerita.. 🙂 

So, anyone who is a priest… And reads this blog (for some odd reason)… Could you maybe post a comment on your favorite raiding spec for a Healing Priest?  I would appreciate it.  I am currently using my own creation with help from Piladden right now.  I don’t dislike his spec (He does an awesome job with it).  I just figured I would solicit ideas from the readership (all 2 or 3 of you)…  Plus things like any specific gear you have that you love?  Weapon, Off-Hand, Armor pieces…  Enchantments (obviously the healing one, but what else?)…

Thanks for your help in this (hopefully…)