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February 2008
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Knights of Karmaloot

Nightbane_020708_004007 Wednesday night is Kara night. They are running 2 Hunters right now that are Alts of other Raiders. I have no real problem with this since I have been concentrating on Fhuun.

Fhuun spent the beginning of the evening finishing up his quests in Nagrand. Not much in the way of nice gear, but did get a decent amount of gold and experience. Still far away from 67 though.. Since it was Kara night, finding people to run Ring of Blood was impossible, so I put it off for now. I have a few confirmations of help for when I am ready though.. Woot!

Also want to run him through Crypts and look into any other instances that might be worth it. Maybe Sethekk Halls (not sure I spelled that right)..

Finishing up Nagrand, I hopped on a bird to Blades Edge / Sylvanaar and on the way, the RL whispered me to ask if Fim was up for Kara.. Being the selfless good guild Samaritan that I am, I said.. “SURE!”.

NightbaneFly_020708_003022 They were up to the Opera event which turned out to be Oz. With the DPS we were putting out, they were toast. We have started running with only 2 healers (well, “specced healers”). He did have a tanking Pally (who COULD heal in a pinch), but he was busy.. 🙂 Doing this, we have more room for DPS. We had 3 hunters, Rogue, Warlock, Mage, Healing Druid, Healing Paladin, Tank/DPS Warrior, Tank Paladin.. Pretty stacked on the DPS side.

Oz.. 1 Shot… Curator.. 1 Shot (Not counting the early pull…:P).. Nightbane.. 1 Shot (we did switch out our mage for his warrior [who is our normal MT] for Nightbane).

Whoa… Back to the Curator… Something… Magical happened. Garona’s Signet Ring dropped!!! One of the few items that Fim still was looking for. And… I won it! Go, Go good Karma.. Nightbane dropped Ferocious Swift-Kickers which I really didn’t need, but since they were going to shard them anyway (and we really don’t need the shards right now), I took them.. May be good for PvP if I ever go there.. 🙂

Fhuun_020608_014946 After Nightbane, we called it a wrap.. I swapped back to Fhuun and picked up all the quests in BEM and killed a few Lynx for the first one.. Finished it and decided it was sleep time.. 😉

I don’t know if I am going back into Kara right away tonight. I would be fine letting them continue on without me. Fhuun has a lot of quests to work on and 67 is just daring me to smack it in the a$$.. 🙂

Well, here is to continued good Karma loot.. 🙂 Hmm.. Karmaloot. Sounds like a place King Arthur ruled.. 😛

Later Dayz.

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