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February 2008
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Addin It On – ArkInventory

Ok.. New little post here.  Addons..  If you know me, you know I use addons.  I use MANY addons.. 🙂  I love’em.  Yes, if I don’t use it, it gets tossed.  I switch up my addons all the time.  I have become a convert to the Ace addon way, but I still use non-Ace addons.  My name is Fim and I am an Addon Junkie.

Now that the introductions are out of the way…


I want to talk about a pretty cool addon for Inventory(bag)/Bank management.  It is called ArkInventory.  It is an Ace mod and I think one of the best out there. I have tried many bag mods, and this is my current mod of choice.  I give it the Asleep at the WoW Award for Excellence in AddOn/Mod Advancement and Technology. Boy, that’s a mouthful..


It does what most addons of this type do and combine all your bag slots into one (all this applies to your bank too).  In addition to this, it allows you break up your items by type/profession/etc into separate “areas” within this single bag.  There are default categories for all items, but you can override them or create manual custom rules to arrange things.  I’m not all that certain how the rules work just yet as I tried one of them and was unsuccessful at getting it to work.  I’m sure it was just me being dense.. 🙂

If you are on the lookout for a good bag mod, give ArkInventory a spin..  I like it.. And that should be good enough for anyone!

If anyone has any addon/mod suggestions for me to take a look at, let me know.  I am currently using quite a few and I guess I should write a post with a list.. It will just take SOOO long to put together.. LOL…