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February 2008
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1st and Goal at the 4

Fhuun66_020608_014728 Fhuun has achieved 66!  4 more levels to 70.. Where have the levels gone?  Seems like just yesterday I was running around Azuremyst Isle. 

Last night consisted of a quick Ramparts run for our GM’s Warlock.  He dinged 63 during the run and Fhuun got much closer to 66.  Traebear tanked (Pil’s Paladin) and instead of worrying about CC, he just AOE tanked everything and we burned them down.  Yes, I said WE.. I was the healer (we had a 70 mage, 62 mage (I think), Me (65 priest), 62 Warlock and 70 Paladin) but with Trae blocking most damage, I got to put my hand in the DPS pot for a bit.  At one point he had pulled an excessive number of mobs, but I somehow kept him alive and kicking.  No wipes.. No deaths..  Kezz even decided she wanted to tank for a bit by pulling a few mobs while Trae was AFK… Kept her alive too until he could get back.. *pat self on head*.. LOL

JumpShot_020608_014903Back to grinding out the quests after that.  Killed an insane number of Ogres in the clefts of Nagrand and after a few more quest turn-ins Fhuun dinged 66.  There was much rejoicing.  He went to Darnassus (Priest Trainer is closest to portal spot there) and picked up his new skillz.  WOOT!  Shadow Fiend.. Yesserie.. Very exciting..

After that I spent some time with Fyra and Freez.  Didn’t really get much done, but shuttled them around to finish up some quests that were lingering FedEx style ones. My goals for them (if you don’t remember) are to get Freez to 35 and Fyra to 50.  That gets both of them their next level of crafting (Freez for Enchanting/Disenchanting and Fyra for Alchemy). 

Tonight is a Kara start night.  Unfortunately, Fhuun didn’t make it to 70 yet, so no Kara for him.. If Fim is needed, I’ll help out, otherwise I’ll probably be moving Fhuun up to Blades Edge to start the quests there.  I still have some Nagrand stuff, but I am getting bored of the area for now.  I’ll be back!

Later all