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February 2008
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I Can See Dead People


Back to the old format I think.. Stream of Consciousness is much more interesting.. 🙂

Look! Fhuun got such a nice green hood.. 😛  I guess the important part is the stats..  Just looks silly, I suppose.

No, he didn’t make it to 66 last night.  He’s still wandering around Nagrand.  Got a whole slew of quests done, but no Ding.. Getting closer.  Also helped out the GM with a Slave Pens run for his level 62 warlock.  We had Traebear (70 Paladin/Tank), Kezz (70 Magerrific!), Ret Paladin (70), Warlock (62), and Fhuun (Healing Priest, 65).

Healing the instance was almost a joke.  Other than the boss fights, I could have healed everyone with renew!  I ended up spending most of my time firing shots at the mobs myself.  🙂  Did pretty good in the XP area though and I didn’t let anyone die (other than the lock’s pet).

Prior to starting, Kezz and Trae helped Fhuun with killing the big outdoor boss dude that finishes up what I call the “I See Dead People” questline.  It gives you access to the quest to kill the final boss in Achunai Crypts.  The quest before this one, you drink a potion that lets you see the guy that can repair in the instance area in Terokkar.

Freez_020508 After we finished I turned in some quests on Fhuun then hopped on Freez to run him down to Booty Bay.  I had a quest finished in my log from Gnomer to go talk to someone in Booty Bay.  While I was there, I picked up the flight point.  Next he will fly back to the north end of SV and work on more of the quests there.. I need to get him a better dagger. The one he has is merely passable and pretty old stuff.  I have a nice mace from Gnomer, but I miss Ambush. 🙂

It is Tuesday, still no raiding tonight.  Maybe tonight will be a Crypts run for Fhuun.  I’m really hoping 66 will be his tonight.  It was nice being able to pick up the “good” water and start using that finally.  Downtime is much less now.  Getting closer and closer to 70.  Can’t wait!