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February 2008
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Back Into The Light


I did it.  I decided that it was time to respec to Holy/Disc.  I have a Hybrid for now.  I wanted to get the spirit buff stuff in Disc and like the +mana too.  I didn’t take TOO MANY of the extra damage holy stuff though.  I am still able to take down mobs in about the same time as with shadow (as far as I can tell).

Different format today:  I will detail escapades by toon…




Fhuun did’t get a lot of play on Friday (more on that in the Fimlys section),  but on Saturday he gathered a group to help him LTH… He respecced to Holy/Disc and with a group consisting of Druid (Tank, although specced for healing.. lol), Mage (Kezz), Warlock (Lager/Pil), Hunter and Fhuun (Healing Priest, woot) moved in on the Slave Pens and Underbog. 

Stalker_020308_003526 I think I managed to do a decent job of healing.  Not too many deaths and no wipes.. !! 🙂 woot..  Of course, this was 4 70’s and a 64 running level 63’s instances.  Was fun though.  Got those quests done and hit 65 to boot!  Very exciting.

Sunday we got another group together and ran through Mana-Tombs.  The funny thing was, 3 of the 4 70’s hadn’t done the quests in there either…  LOL  ..  Group was Warrior (tank, but not Prot spec), Rogue, Mage, Warlock, Fhuun (healing).  Since there wasn’t a huge amount of threat reduction, Fhuun did more healing total on the other guys than the tank…  But, with only 1 wipe (due to a bad pull when 2 of our DPS were afk), we made it through generally unscathed. Still didn’t hit 65, but he is about half-way there.



Fim was brought out to help run Zul’Aman on Friday.  We had a Mythos first and downed the Second Boss!  The first boss went down first try and we almost made it through the timer.  We started the fight with 3 minutes left, but he dies anyway if you don’t kill the boss by the time the timer runs out.  So close!  My new BM spec was really put to the test and arrived with flying colors!  Kenny (my lynx) and I did an astounding amount of DPS.  Even without Kenny’s damage, Fim was on top of the damage chart. Adding it in, he was head and shoulders above!  Obviously, this is not he be all and end all, but I’m pretty happy with my contribution to the raid.

We even got to try out the Lynx boss that night also.  We were all getting pretty tired by that point, so we ended up calling it after one try.  But we did get him to his 3rd phase, so I don’t think we will have much trouble next time.  Nothing hunterish dropped during the run, but it was really fun nonetheless.


Freez_020408_010240 Yeah!  I played freez a bit last night (he’s my rogue if you forgot). Ran through a few quests with him and then over to Stranglethorn where he will spend his remaining years.. 😛  He did get to 32.. So that is only 3 more levels until he can pick up Artisan enchanting and clean out the bank of all the 64+ BOE items… haha.



In Summation…

Tonight I hope to get Fhuun to 66.  I still have many quests in Nagrand to work on and also quests in Blades Edge are available now.  I have a feeling I could probably get all the way to 70 on just these 2 zones and skip Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley until after then!  We’ll see.  Really depends on if we do more instance runs or not.  Kara starts up again on Wednesday, so after that it will be harder to get a group together.  I’m not sure any of the other instances are “ready for me” yet. 🙂  I am enjoying this spec for Fhuun quite a bit so far.  I’m getting the hang of using Healbot and have it mostly setup.  I need to setup my “cures” to some keypresses though.  And I have it setup to monitor the buff situation too (No “Group 1 needs Fort” for me! woot)

WoWScrnShot_020208_002301 Friend of mine from work started an alliance toon recently (he has been playing on the Horde side for a while).  He’s in the guild and ready to rock.  Sent him some starting gifts and maybe when he gets a little higher level, one of my alts will run some quests with him..  My main issue right now is just wanting to really get Fhuun up to 70 and into Kara (hopefully not making a fool of myself in the process)..

Have a good one!

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