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February 2008
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(Na)Grand Adventures


Hello again, fellow adventurers..  Another update on my travels!  I still don’t know if anyone is reading all this (well, except for you Pil)…  I’m sorry I’m not big on Relative Analysis of gear/spec/etc.  Ah well.. Maybe some day.. 🙂

Fhuun is still 64, but is almost 1/2 way to 65.  He ran around killing stuff in Nagrand most of the time last night. Started building my Consortium rep, got Friendly with Kurenai, killed lots of Clefthoof… You know.. Nagrand.. 🙂

Also went back to Terokkar to finish up a few quests I had there.  My quest log is super-full and I keep passing quest givers without being able to take their quests.. OH NO!!  So, I figured I might try to clean out my log by going back and finishing up the lingering quests in there.. I’m sure there are follow-ups and such.. Blech.. I’ll be here forever!..

The screenie above shows off my “healing” gear.  I have Outfitter that automatically “dresses” me (literally) when I come out of shadow. I picked up some nice pants that I need to add to this set though. Some random green drop, but had a nice, hefty +healing attribute.  I think they were +Sta/+Int/+Heal.  No spell damage though.. (boo hoo)..

Fyra_020108_001550 I’m still debating a switch to Holy/Disc spec.  The guild ran more of Kara (possibly finishing .. dunno) last night, so no Instancing for Fhuun.. But soon, I feel that we’ll be getting in there and I need to start to learn to heal.. Bah..

I ran a few quests with Fyra when I got a little bored of Fhuun.  She dinged 47 (was very close when I started playing last night) and is well on her way to 48.  She is in Feralas still.  I really hate those quests near the coast (by the boat).. The elemental one has such a low drop rate.. Not really sure I want to keep trying it!  I think she needs to run and find some backpacks or something near the Gnolls now. 

I really want to get her to 50 so I can get the final Alchemy level.  Her herbalism is moving up there also.  I need to pick up the (up to 375) upgrade to that too.  I still don’t know that I will re-spec Fhuun yet to tailor.. I want to, but he is much too valuable in outland as a herbalist right now. 

A while ago my son wanted me to create another new character (I don’t know why, but he is “new character” crazy).  So I did.  If you hadn’t noticed, I name all my toons starting with “F”.. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know.. Just a quirk I have picked for myself..  Well, someone had suggested that since I had Fhuun, I should have a toon named Profit.. I said, “But that doesn’t start with an F…” … Well, I can make “anything” start with an “F”….  Introducing.. Frophet!  hehe.. Ah well..  Can’t find him on the Armory because he is only level 4.  Aaaanyway.. 😀

Interface_020108_013112Yesterday I said that I might rearrange my bars on my interface for Fhuun.. I did it. Still getting used to it. I still try to click on the area that has no buttons in it anymore… LOL..  I have included a screen shot here so you can compare.. Enjoy!

Tonight, maybe, we can go into an instance.. 🙂 lol.. I wonder if they “finished” kara last night… I logged out before they had stopped for the night, so I don’t know.  I’d like to hit 65 tonight if I can (If Fimlys’ services are not required…).  At 65 I get to use the “good” water.  Make leveling a little faster.. Less time drinking!  🙂

Well, I’ll let you know how things go.  Might not be back until Monday though.. We’ll see.. I have a busy busy weekend.. 😉  Everyone have a good one and I’ll talk u later…