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January 2008
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Grind it out


As you can see from the screenshot…  Fhuun made it to 64 last night.  Didn’t take all that much effort.  I just ground through a couple of quests in Terokkar and with the help of a friendly Warrior in the Tomb of Light, picked up my new level.  It was nice to have the rest of the level in rested XP too.. Makes it a little faster.

I got Kezz (they are back from vacation yay!!) to make me a few gems for my healing gear.  I got 2 Teardrop Blood Garnet (Red Gems), 2 Dazzling Deep Peridot (Green Gems, for Blue Slots) and 1 Brilliant Golden Draenite (Yellow Gem).  I have over 400 +healing in that gear now.  I figured that if there was a night that people in the guild wanted to run through Slave Pens and Underbog, I might respec just to take a stab at learning to heal. 🙂

Fhuun also ran over to Gadgetzan to pick up the Artisan Cooking skill (I had all the mats required, just had to get there.. ).  I need to pick up some more meat, etc. to get his cooking skill up more.  I’m not sure why I am bothering, but I’m not really taking too much time out of leveling to do it.  I have been mining Fel Iron Ore as often as I come across it and have been moving up his mining skill a little.

Fyra_013008_234150 I logged into Fyra for a bit and ran her over to Feathermood Stronghold.  Stopping on the way to do a few quick quests.  She still isn’t 47, but is very close.  The quests here are a much better level for her than the Blasted Lands were.  After she finishes here, she should be in good shape to go back there.  She has lots of quests for there. 

I really want to get her to 50 asap so she can get next level of Alchemy.  I guess I’ll leave Fhuun as my Herbalist for now, until Fyra moves up into Outland and can get her own “high” level herbs.  I like being able to make my own pots and elixirs instead of having to buy them from the AH or bum them off someone else.  I also figure it will be a good source of income sooner or later.

The main “chunk” of the guild started a new Kara run last night.  I’m pretty sure they got the Curator down, but I logged out before they had finished.  They were moving pretty good through there.  A Hunter alt of one of the main raiders made out like a Bandit since lots o’ hunter loot dropped and the other hunter didn’t need it. Fim was left out, which was fine since I wanted to work on Fhuun some more. 

WoWScrnShot_013008_221548 Last thing I did last night was run Fhuun over to Nagrand.  That is where I will start tonight.  I picked up a bunch of quests and I am ready to party.. 🙂  Of course, if Kara doesn’t happen, I’ll steal some people from there and drag them into an instance instead. 🙂  I am almost half way to 70 and I’m getting antsy to get there!

I’m moving pretty fast I think.  I might even be able to make it to 65 before the weekend.  We’ll see.  Few more and he can start the attunement quests for Kara.. 🙂  I might (read not so sure.. but maybe) hold at 69 and run a few Battlegrounds.  Pick up enough Honor to get the Arena 1 set (or some of it).  Get me “pre-geared”.

If you want to see what my interface looks like (for Fhuun anyway), take a look at the screen above.  Yes, I have lots of addons.  I was playing with Questhelper.  It can be a little confusing when it picks odd quests for you to do next, but generally it is pretty cool. Fimlys has generally the same addons, but with a different button layout.  I might change Fhuun’s around to more match his since it gets confusing some times switching back and forth.

Good luck tonight!  I’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully..)