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January 2008
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So’lo a Mio


Fhuun isn’t 64 yet..  But he is dang close! Less than 100k xp away (I think more like 70k).  I finally got Honored with Cenarion Expedition and Friendly with the Kurenai.  The Kurenai rep gets me more quests at Orebor Harborage (I think I spelled that rong.. 😛 ) in Zangarmarsh.

I finished up many of the quests for my level (if not most..) in Terokkar Forest. I think I am on the verge of moving into Nagrand soon.  I really liked Nagrand, so that will be okay.

I also have a bunch of Underbog quests from Sporeggar.  I want to run Slave Pens and Underbog soon.. 🙂  Get the most out of the XP I can pick up in there..  Tonight is the start of a Kara run, so I might not be so lucky as to go tonight.  But I will make a reservation with the peeps I want to run me through so they will be available next chance they get :).  If they want another raiding Priest (Healer).. The more they help, the faster it will be..

WoWScrnShot_013008_000404 Well, that’s about it.  Don’t know if Fim will be pulled into Kara tonight.  I’ll help out if needed, but I definitely would like to get Fhuun to 64 tonight.  And then to 65 before the weekend.  I need to research what cool stuff I get at 64.. 🙂  I want new toys.. 😛  I have been building a healing set.  I might even try respeccing before we run SP and UB and try my hand at healing.. We’ll see how it goes.

More tomorrow, hopefully!

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