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January 2008
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Basking in the Shade

No screenshots today.. Too lazy! 🙂

Worked on a few quests with Fhuun last night before receiving the clarion call… “ANYONE WHO WANTS TO FINISH KARA TONIGHT, WHISPER ME!”.  I replied (via whisper) that if they needed Fimlys, he was ready to go.  A group of 10 was finally gathered and off we went.

We had a new tank as Main Tank but we had 2 Warriors and a Feral Druid (tank specced), so that worked out really well.  No priests, but a Druid, Paladin and Shaman to heal. There were 2 Hunters (including me), a Mage and a Rogue.  Got the shade down after 1 wipe.  I died !twice! in that fight and the Druids used their battle rez’s on me.  First time he just spammed Arcane Missiles at me until I was dead and the second I got caught in an Ice Chains thingy while he did his Arcane Blast…  Ouch…  Second try, Kenny (my Lynx) went down pretty quick to his focused fire and I rezzed him.  He then went down about 10 seconds later.  This time, I left him down..  We took the Shade down though. 

Nice clothy stuff dropped, but Fhuun isn’t old enough to come into Kara yet (boo hoo)… We DID get the Sunfire enchant thought!  Woot!  Someone was just asking about that earlier that night.  We had 2 enchanters that battled it out for the recipe! 🙂 haha…

We swapped out our Feral Druid for another Mage (an Alt of one of our Warriors) and moving on, took out the Chess event and then moved on to the Prince.  Took a few tries on the prince (he kept taking down our Tank), but we finally laid him to rest.  The mind blade (I think it is called, or somesuch) dropped and our new Mage was a happy camper. 

I was getting pretty tired by this time and I along with some others decided that they had to get going.  Had a good time and Fhuun got to build up some more rested XP, which always helps.  I’d like to make sure he gets to 64 before the weekend, maybe even 65!!  If I was doing more grouping/instances I might consider respeccing holy, but until I am not doing a lot of Solo, I’m sticking to Shadow.  I might respec my shadow build a little.  I find I don’t really use the “Mana Battery” aspect that much, and might just drop that and move the point to Discipline possibly.

That’s it for last night.  (I think).  Tonight is a break from raiding night, so maybe I can rope some peeps into going into Slave Pens or Underbog..  We’ll see…

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