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January 2008
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On the Rise


Yes. Not only had I reached my goal of 62 before the weekend.. I hit 63 on Sunday! I am a leveling machine!  Of course, I had a bit of help along the way.

That rod there is one of the Quest rewards I got.  I don’t remember exactly which it was, but it’s a nice wand.  I dinged 63 sometime last night and proceeded to get around 13% toward 64 through mainly quests.  I still haven’t gotten him back to a decent amount of rested XP, but I guess I’m doing okay so far!

Mythos had a tough time fielding enough people to finish our Kara run, so we haven’t been back since Wednesday!  I did convince 3 level 70’s and a level 60 Mage to come join me in Ramparts on Friday so I could do my quest in there.  We had 2 Druids (1 Tank, 1 Healer), 2 Mages (the 60 and a 70) and Me.. (Level 62 Shadow Priest [at the time]).  Since this was the “normal” dungeon, we did pretty well and had a good time doing it.  I don’t think Fhuun picked up all that much useful equipment, but Saturday was a whole different story.

Furnace_012608_230430 On Saturday, still no Kara, I got (suckered) a group of 3 70’s and that 60 mage to go into Blood Furnace.  Of course, I had quests in there and wanted to get them gone!  🙂 Different group this time.  We were 70 Warrior, 70 Paladin (healing), 70 Rogue, 60 Mage, and Me.. (still 62 shadow priest). After finishing up those quests, I was Honored in HH and could get the Heroic key!  LOL… I picked up a decent amount of healing gear in Furnace though.  I have my Outfitter thing auto equipping that stuff when I come out of shadow form. After that run, Fimlys got talked into taking on the Heroic Ramparts (was the Heroic daily) and so we did.

Sunday was a solo day and I started on quests in Terokkar Forest and Allerian Stronghold.  These went generally fast and I leveled to 63 somewhat early.  I then worked on more of the quests until I decided to call it a night.

Not sure what is going on tonight.. I don’t know if they are planning on giving Kara one last try before the reset, but I guess I’ll see.. That’s all for me today.  I’ll hopefully have a post for you tomorrow.  Later!

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