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January 2008
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Pimpin’ The Marsh

Fhuun_012508_014627 Well, hello there!  Again we meet! Another installment of “Who care about your stupid WoW toons”!  Woohoo!  Down to business, shall we?

We unfortunately failed to have the required number and type of Kara ready individuals available at 6pm server in order to move on to the Shade last night.  So… This was a fortunate occurrence for Fhuun because he is now… (drum roll please) LEVEL 62!!  Wow, I forgot how long it takes to level without the 20-60 xp/level reduction.  The beauty is that most all quests in BC give you > 10k xp and > 2 gold.  I’m slowly making up for buying my Epic Ground Mount.

However, of course.. It wasn’t all Fhuun and games.. (groan…)  Fimlys was invited to join a Mana-Tombs run for the Daily Heroic and since 108 Badges of Justice just isn’t enough, he acquiesced (grudgingly, of course… 🙂 ).  Warrior, Druid, Rogue, Mage, Hunter.  Nice little group!  Beat our way through the instance pretty handily (not too many deaths) and out the other side.  

FhuunStats_012508_014605 After finishing up, I played “just one more quest” with Fhuun until he hit 62.  I now have to run him back to the old world and pick up his new phat skillz. 😛 .  I forgot how many quests there are in Zangermarsh (I don’t know if I keep misspelling this, but I really don’t care…).  I also don’t remember it being as easy with Fimlys, but that may be a gear issue? 

I installed Healbot Continued as Daxenos of Musings of a Nut Job suggested. (Woo Hoo, Comments!!! Keep em coming…).  And, I have to say… I love it.  Takes some time and effort to get it setup right, but once you do, it’s pretty freaking cool.  One thing I had to learn is that when you change the spells/etc. that a key/mouse combo does, you have to “reloadHB” (button on option screen) to get it to update..  Once I figured that out, I was home free.  I haven’t really used it much to heal (since I am shadow and also haven’t grouped since I installed it), but I did set it up to track my buffs (Fort and Inner Fire) and warn me if they fall off (changes color of my bar..).  Also set it up so that if you click on your bar when it is warning you, it will cast that buff.  I really do like this thing! Thanks again for the suggestion.

Elekk_012408_202607 I even use it on Fim to control Misdirection.  I setup Ctrl-Right Click to be misdirect and when I do that on the Healbot bar of the person I want to cast it on, it just does it.. It’s great. I recommend it (for now.. 😛 )!  I haven’t yet had it replace my party/raid bars because I like the agUnitFrames stuff I have for now.. But I might sooner or later.  All I really have to do it turn off the party frames using agUF…

Tonight might be the continuation of the Kara run, or it might not be.  But I have at least met my goal of 62 before the weekend.  I’m building up a little rested xp on Freez (who is ALMOST 31) so it will be a little faster to level him.  I might keep leveling him after 35 since I can go do those Dustwallow Marsh quests I liked so much.. 🙂 

That’s it, my fans!  That’s a wrap.  I’ll be back (maybe tomorrow, maybe monday) with another update as soon as I can..  Peace!

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