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January 2008
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‘Shroom Time, Excellent


Fhuun moved on up to Zangarmarsh last night.  I still have a few quests in HP to finish, but they are mainly group quests.  I’ll rope some 70 into helping me with them soon..

Mythos got a Kara run going last night.  Very interesting mix.  3 Hunters, 2 Warriors (1 who isn’t prot spec), 1 Rogue, 1 Mage, 1 Druid (healer), 1 Shaman (healer), 1 Priest (shadow).

We one shot Attumen and Moroes (The crossbow dropped, Rogue was happy) and Opera event was Big Bad Wolf.  Wiped once and then pulled him down on the next try (nope, no gun…). We swapped out the priest for another mage and went up to pound on the Curator.  One try and he was toast.  Took him down below 20% on the second Ennervate (not sure i spelled that correctly).  Our druid even disconnected before the end of the fight and we still made it!  Called the run after that. 

I now have over 100 Badges of Justice!  I guess I should buy something, but I’m still not sure what makes sense.   Someone go look up Fimlys on the armory and tell me what I should buy… 🙂

Freez is also to level 30.  Only 5 more to go until I can pick up the next level of Enchanting and Tailoring.  I was thinking I might switch him out of Tailoring when I get Fhuun into it and give him Engineering..  Might be interesting.  I have lots of ore and such from Fhuun’s mining, so it might not be too bad to level. Is there any engineered gear that is good for a rogue?

Haven’t worked on Fyra in a bit.  She should have a good deal of rested XP again, so will be ready to work on.  The nice thing is that, if I want, I can spec her for Feral tanking.  Then i would have a DPS (Hunter), Healer (Priest) and Tank (Druid).  One of each!! Yay!  Those are the 3 I’d definitely like to get to 70 at some point.  The rogue might be cool to get there also, some day.  Should really concentrate on Fhuun though. 

Since Fim is running Kara, Fhuun is on the back burner for now.  I’m still hoping for 62 before the weekend, but that might not happen. I’d like to get into a run of Ramparts with him soon just to finish up that quest and build his HH Rep.. 

Well, I think I have rambled on enough for today.  I was thinking of writing a post for Priest macros soon.  Anyone have any good ones?  I created a few (like one to shield Only me… Since I kept accidentally shielding the tank).  I want to write one for Focus Shackling.  Ok.. I’m outta here!

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