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January 2008
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The Next Level

EpicMount_012208_220218 That level being 61.  Fhuun made it to 61 last night.  Moving along nicely.  I sooo much enjoy the quests in Outland more than Azeroth! Seemingly not as much running.. I also got him his Epic Ground Mount.  I was tired of his slow ol’ lvl 40 mount… So, I took the plunge..

The screenshot here is a little silly since I was in shadow form!  Ah well.  I was working on a quest and got invited by a lock to join him in doing the quest.  So I did and ended up healing the whole time.  My healing is so bad.  I use up so much mana so quickly.  I really would need to respec to be a useful healer..  For now, I stick to DPS though.

I’ve also been leveling Freez. He is all the way up to 29 now.  A few other guildies are leveling some Alts that are around there and so they have been inviting me to join them.  Last night we were run through Gnomer by a lvl 70 warrior.. It was fun and I got a decent amount of XP from it, in addition to a few nice pieces of gear.  I still don’t really know how to put talent points in for this rogue dude.. 🙂   I’m just winging it here for now.  I’d like (as I’ve said before) to at least get him to 35 so he can get next lvl enchanting skill do D/E any BOE items I get..  Considering my stockpile of mats, I could probably level one of my higher level guys to max enchanting with just the stuff in my bank!  I also have a ton of greens and blues in the bank ready to D/E when he gets the skill to do so.

Bones_012208_212237 So.. On a side note.  I have been playing with an addon called Click2Cast.  I think it is an Ace2 addon.  You use it by setting up shift/ctrl/alt combo clicks and assign them to spells or macros or other actions.  Then you click (or s/c/a shift) on unit bars of people and it will do that to them (whatever it is you have assigned).  I have it setup right now as:

Shift-RightClick – Flash Heal
Crtl-RightClick – Heal
Alt-RightClick – Greater Heal

I also have other things setup and you can even do Shift-Ctrl Click and such.  I am liking it so far, and I can see that I will appreciate it more when I am grouping as the healer of the group 🙂  (or A healer of the group).. 

I might be going in to help with Kara this week (as Fim obviously) in which case, Fhuun probably won’t move up too much right now.  I’d like to get done with Hellfire Peninsula (except for the instances) by the end of the week and move into Zangarmarsh.  Something other than red!!  🙂

Hat_012308_002652 Kara should be starting tonight, but first night is usually the “newb” run where they try to get as many people who haven’t been many times to come in (including alts).  Although we have been very low on attendance lately, so who knows.  If any Mythosians (lol) are reading this, try to get on every day at 6pm server time.  Well, at least if you would like to be able to go on raids.  It is difficult to get together 25 man runs when we barely get 10 people to log in at night!  Ah well, rant over.. LOL

Hope you all have a good one!