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January 2008
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A Blast of Winterspring

WoWScrnShot_011808_001150 Once again I went out adventuring for Fhuun.  🙂

I requested a couple of guildies help me out and port him to Shattrath City.  I wanted to get his Herbalism to Master (since it was at 300) and also set Shat as my Hearth to make my life easier. 🙂

Fhuun had a few Winterspring quests, so I ported to Darnassus and hopped a bird out there.  Took care of a few of the quests and made it from 56 1/2 to 57 1/2 !!  I’m halfway to 58!  When I get there (possibly tonight), I’ll head back to shat, take a bird to Honor Hold and clean out my quest log of all the Azeroth quests!  Woot!  So excited..  I am just amazed at how much quicker leveling is now.  They really did a great job in that regard.

I would at least like to reach 60 before next weekend and I’m sure I will be well past that by that point.  Unless I decide, of course, to let Fhuun rest (rest xp FTW) and bring Fyra back out to move her up a bit..  Also depends on Raiding and such, obviously.

So.. Plans.. Tonight: Get Fhuun to 58 and into Outland quests!  Getting him the “flock” out of Azeroth is my goal for the night.  I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t be a big deal. Once there, I fill up his quest log with HH quests and maybe even level up some mining if we can find a decent area to ply our pick.. 🙂

Hope you all have been enjoying Fhuun’s rise to glory!  No, I’m not writing a “story” I suppose. Just my daily ramblings.  Anyone have any suggestions for cool macros for Priests?  Sites that I should be following that are awesome Priestiness goodness? (With a cream filled center… mmm..  lol)  Let me know..  Next stop: Hellfire Peninsula!


P.S: Look what I found!! A BUG!  Hmm.. I have to collect 10.. Oh wait… 4.. LOL


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