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January 2008
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Blackrock Depth(s) Charge

Fhuun_011708_015132Wooo!  Last night was a doozy.  After unfortunately failing to get a Karazhan run going, 2 super, amazing, awesome guildies (whom I forgot to ask if I can use their names so I’m not mentioning them by name…) helped lowly Shadowy Priestie Fhuun deliver a roundhouse kick to the groin of Blackrock Depths…

Having collected many of the quests for BRD, Fhuun (Shadow Priest) 55, Prot Warrior 70, and Rogue 70 moved into the Instance hoping for great reward (well, at least Fhuun was..) and was not disappointed!

We 3 rampaged through all comers!  All the bosses were toast before our mighty little army (well, the 2 of them.. I just did a bit of healing).  I tried to hone a few of the more easy to learn skills in healing.  I played around with the Click2Cast addon which is pretty darn cool.  I switched back and forth between shadow and healing and only had to drink once! And OOOOH did I get some happy gear!  It seemed that the Godz of Lootz were looking down on me and smiling… Here we go!  I got screenies for each of them.. Woot!

Trinkets Trinkets_011708_015152
Leggings Legs_011708_015201
Gloves Hands_011708_015205
“Head” Head_011708_015223
Neck Neck_011708_015219
Wand Wand_011708_015226
Staff Weapon_011708_015232


Onyxia_011708_015717All this and an assortment of greens and other crap. 🙂  I gave any blues to the Warrior to disenchant and distribute the shards between him and the rogue.  With the trash they sold from all the kills, I hear they more than made up for their repair costs, so I guess it was somewhat productive for them too!  Fhuun even got attuned to MC (we’ll see if he ever actually makes it there!) and got the BRD parts of the Onyxia attunement done too..

I don’t know exactly how long it took, but Fhuun got all the way to 56 1/2 before I quit around 2am.  He was below 55 1/2 when I started the night.  The main quests for BRD were giving out a very large amount of XP now!  It is very cool!  I’m only 1 1/2 levels from hitting outland!  Very exciting!  LOL

I wonder if anyone will want to head into LBRS… OOOhh.. I know I can pick up a few quests for that now too.  If there is no Kara or other Raid tonight, I’m hoping to hit 57, which shouldn’t be too hard to do even if we don’t run an instance.  I really enjoyed the opportunity to practice even the paltry healing skills I have as a shadow priest.  We’ll have to see how things go in the 60-70 grind with respect to if I re-spec.  🙂

That’s all I did last night (THATS ALL?? That was a lot!).  I’ll be back tomorrow (possibly, probably) to give you an update on the Further Adventures of Fun with Fhuun.  🙂   Later dayz.

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