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January 2008
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Un’Goro O Boyo

Crystals_011208_161243 I played WoW a LOT this weekend..  Got Fhuun to level 53 1/2+.  Mythos went into Zul’Aman again finally and we laid a smackdown on Karazhan without any Paladins!! I also played Fyra a bit to let Fhuun get some rest xp (but not nearly enough, I am getting impatient for him to see Outland).

So, Fhuun spent a lot of time in Un’Goro this weekend.  I also did some Tanaris quests and flew around a lot to finish quests up (back and forth to Darnassus, etc..). I have come to detest the Devilsaurs again.  Without tracking they sneak up on you real good.  So far only 2 deaths, but I was so annoyed I brough Fim back and went around killing them.  So satisfying to take them down in 3 shots! 🙂

I am still enjoying Beast Master spec on Fim.  He is having a grand old time.  We went into Zul’Aman on Friday and killed the first boss in one shot (we wiped on the trash.. but not the boss).  Then continued to wipe repeatedly on Akil’Zon.  We got him down to less than 30% health, but then the gauntlet respawned and we got smashed.

Naorakk_011108_222524 On Wednesday we had gone into Kara and killed Moroes and Attumen.  Moroes was a pain because my traps are no longer very good comparatively (with the new spec). On Thursday we went back and took out the Opera (Oz), Curator and 1shot the Shade and Nightbane (I think that was thursday too).  We were very heavy on the DPS side, and the timing on the Shade was pretty awesome in terms of the polymorph and the elementals. Saturday we came back and cleared the place out..  Netherspite, Chess, Prince, Illhoof.  All 1 shot..  I’m pretty sure we did all of Kara without ANY paladins!!   Not having their threat reduction buff was annoying, but the tanks did a pretty good job of holding aggro.

Did spend my off-raid time leveling Fhuun and having a great time with him again.  Annoying to have to keep drinking so much, but I guess I’ll get over it.  I still have no idea how to heal, but I guess I’ll figure it out when I hit 70 :).  I am enjoying Shadow spec though.  He does some nice damage.

That’s about it.  Probably some more Fhuun leveling tonight.  Possibly a little Fyra time.  I’ll have to let you know! 🙂

Talk u later.

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