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January 2008
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Grand Ol Age

I have done it!  No, I didn’t switch back to Marksman.. 🙂

I have finally gotten and ALT to 50..  Fhuun hit 50 last night finally and he is well on his way to 51.  The increase in quest XP has had a lot to do with this.  I have been a “questing machine” since the change and it has paid off.  Also helping is that many of the outdoor Elite mobs are no longer elite.  Twilight Hammer dudes and Dark Iron dwarves are no longer elite in the area I was questing in last night.  I need to move on to a higher level area now as I have exhausted all the ones I have.  I guess maybe the Plaguelands..

I switched over to Fyra for a little while and finished up a few quests with her.  I really do want to get both these guys up to 70, but I’ve decided (given some suggestions by others…) to concentrate on Fhuun since he is further along.  I’m just getting tired of having to sit and drink all the time :D.  Hitting 50 also got me Vampiric Touch. Now that I have it, I can put some points into the other Priest Talent trees.  I’m still not sure what I want to put it in, but I’ll figure it out.  Maybe something that makes me more mana efficient.

Supposedly there is a Kara run tonight and if attendance online is the same as it has been, I might have to go just to get 10 people.  I’d like to continue working on leveling, but I can make a sacrifice I suppose (if I must 🙂 )…

Oh.. The patch 2.3.2 finally hit production and Fimlys will be glad to get back his multi-trap.  Since I nerfed his traps on respec, I’ll have to get used to his reduced abilities.  At least he can have 2 things trapped at once..  Actually, a really cool talent for > 70 (maybe in survival i guess, although I won’t get it) would be a “multi-trap” talent.  Lets you have 2 “set” traps down at a time.  So you could put a frost and freeze trap down at the same time, or something like that..  Or just two of the freezing traps for 2 mobs…  Might be pretty cool.. Even more utility for the SV hunter. Of course, I would love this talent for me… but I can’t see myself speccing SV anytime soon.

Time to head out!  I’ll see u all …. L8r..

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