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January 2008
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The Plunge

Fim_010408_232432 I did it..  I took the plunge.  I decided to give Fimlys a shot at BM Hunter.   I definitely miss his “better” traps, although I haven’t gone anywhere that I have felt them yet.  I do like paying attention to what is going on with my pet more. Gives me a little something more to do.  I am still geared up for more AP/AGI and so, while he doesn’t have much stamina, he does okay.  Also, because of this, even without him, I still do some sick damage. 🙂

With some buffs and lots of stuff procing, I hit 680.4 dps.  This is without AotH.  680dps_010408_232258On the screenshot, I moved the buff list over by the DPS calc.  I used by brooch trinket and had FI and TBW.  There were 2 FI (other BM Hunter.. dunno if they stack) and also my Unraveller proced!  If I had AotH it would have been even more impressive.  You see I had 2381 RAP at that point.  And my attack speed was 1.5 with a 23.36% crit chance.. 

Kenny has been doing some nice damage too with all this and he has a really fast attack speed also. I’ll try to remember to get some unbuffed screenshots of Fim and also Kenny to compare.

I have also been working on Fhuun and Fyra more.  I really need to pick one and concentrate on them.  It probably should be Fhuun since he is farther along.  I just really enjoy leveling Fyra more, since there is less down time (no/little drinking required).

Rock_010408_011159 I should, theoretically be able to pick up one level a night for either of them.  Of course, I have had Fim requested for certain things also, and so have not has as much time as I might have liked.  I am definitely enjoying the increased Quest XP though.

I was out of town all weekend and so didn’t play very much.  Tonight I plan on seeing if I can at least get Fhuun to 50..  That would be a great achievement.  He is currently at 48 1/2.  I don’t think that 1 1/2 levels is too much to ask for! I have to see what quests will give me the most bang for the buck.  I have just gotten him recently to Thorium Point in the Searing Gorge and am working on the quests there. I guess we’ll just have to take it one step at a time. 

Hope everyone has been having a good new year so far!  Any funny WoW new years stories?  I don’t have any, but I’m sure they are out there!  Let me know and I’ll see you next time. 🙂

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